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Heartland Blackhawk   [P]   (Registry Records)     5/12/2004  
Heartland Blackhawk
Seal Brown Stallion
Mr. Hawkeye
Black Stallion
Tijuana Tribute
Tijuana Brass *Creation's Prince *Brown  
Banner's ScandalBay  
Jubilee's BeautyJubileeBlack  
King's Star  
Rhythm & Brass
Black Mare
Cassilis Troubador *Cassilis Echo's Boy  
Cassilis Chansonette  
May Day DazzleMay Day Creation  
King's Printzess  
Heartland Sweetheart Girl
Dark Bay Mare
Dun-Haven Bandolier
Bay Stallion
Dun-Haven Crescendo (CAN)Command DecisionBay  
Dun-Haven Crystal *Black  
Dun-Haven DesdemonaMr. Chips *Bay  
Dun-Haven Sweet RhythmSeal Brown  
Heartland Sweetheart
Bay Mare
Sky KingDun-Haven Shamrock KingBay  
Dun-Haven Valerie *Bay  
Poinsettia's Sweet DreamsEquality (Mr. Sandman)  
Mr. Yank's Poinsetta  
This pedigree is for informational purposes only. Verification of this pedigree against original ASR records has not been completed.
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Heartland Blackhawk is the sire of the following horses:

16569-10LBS Foal 16569-10Heartland Hurricane
26338Heartland Calypso4/23/2008BayGeldingHeartland Evening Romance
26349Heartland Status4/28/2008BrownStallionSeamair's Midnight Lady
26316Heartland Momentous5/4/2008Seal BrownStallionHeartland Little Ruby
26310Heartland Belladonna5/5/2008BayMareHeartland Ashley
26308Heartland Royal Master5/17/2008BayStallionHeartland Carrie
26339Heartland Reliant5/19/2008Seal BrownStallionHeartland Gina
26340Heartland Fast Track5/30/2008Seal BrownStallionHeartland Foxey Girl
26285Heartland Sarasota7/2/2008BayMareHeartland Leading Lady
26309Heartland Whispers Of Love8/28/2008Dark BayMareHeartland Cadetress
26726Heartland Novelty4/26/2009BayGeldingHeartland High Note
26734Heartland Joelle4/28/2009BayMareHeartland Joy Divine
26697Heartland Katarina5/5/2009BlackMareHeartland Forever Mine
26695Heartland Road Show5/6/2009BrownGeldingHeartland Just A Princess
26729Heartland Tessa6/8/2009BayMareHeartland Impressive Lady
26643Heartland Image Maker6/22/2009Dark BayStallionHeartland So Desirable
26718Heartland Citation6/25/2009BayStallionHeartland Foxey Fashion
26720CH Heartland Cracker Jack 9/11/2009Dark BayGeldingHeartland Foxey Girl
27032Palisades Ladyhawke5/1/2010BrownMareWhat Luck
27107Bell Views Power Play5/9/2010BayStallionHeartland Joy Divine
27017Renn-Brook Night Hawk5/17/2010BlackStallionHeartland Darling
27052Heartland Love That Rhythm7/3/2010Seal BrownMareHeartland Extra Elegant
27106Heartland Commendable7/4/2010Seal BrownGeldingHeartland Heather
27250Heartland Dream Machine4/7/2011Light BayStallionHeartland Dream Maker
27472Heartland Kammi4/7/2011BrownMareHeartland Prelude
28496Heartland Good News5/2/2014BrownStallionHeartland Leading Story
28495Heartland Fame and Fortune5/15/2014Dark BayStallionSeamair Glitter
28543Heartland Game Changer6/28/2014BrownStallionSeamair's War Dance
28494Heartland All Decked Out7/7/2014Dark BayStallionHeartland Joyful Song
28623D'Arcy Spice5/1/2015BayMareHeartland Take The Cake
29849Heartland April Mae6/20/2018BayMareHeartland Cynthia
29859Heartland High Noon6/20/2018BayStallionHeartland Annabeth
30079Heartland Ebony4/4/2019BlackGeldingHeartland Chatter Box
30139Heartland Elegance In Black5/11/2019BlackMareHeartland Sweetheart Girl
30391Heartland Timeless Joy4/1/2020Dark BrownMareSeamair Secret
30364Heartland Front Page Lady4/19/2020Dark BrownMareHeartland City Girl
30368Heartland Momento6/8/2020Dark BayStallionHeartland Countdown
30816Heartland Winter Rose6/13/2021Seal BrownMareHeartland Winterspring
30841Heartland Magic Miracle6/17/2021BayStallionHeartland Miracle Girl
30847Heartland Mark My Word6/23/2021BayStallionHeartland That A Girl
30833Heartland Impression8/11/2021BayStallionHeartland Denise

Ownership History
Darrel a/o Sandra KolkmanMay 12th, 2004-