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Heartland Summer Rain   [P]   (Registry Records)     5/31/2009  
Heartland Summer Rain
Bay Stallion
Heartland Code Of Honor
Bay Stallion
Dun-Haven Bandolier
Bay Stallion
Dun-Haven Crescendo (CAN)
Seal Brown Stallion
Command DecisionMahrapo's King Mark  
Cedar Height's FascinationBrown  
Dun-Haven Crystal *Fashion King (CAN)  
Cedar Heights Juna  
Dun-Haven Desdemona
Bay Mare
Mr. Chips *Equality (Mr. Sandman)  
September Song  
Dun-Haven Sweet RhythmCommand DecisionBay  
Dun-Haven Sweet Success  
Heartland Whisper
Bay Mare
Sky King
Bay Stallion
Dun-Haven Shamrock KingDun-Haven Emperor  
Tina MarieBay  
Dun-Haven Valerie *Mastercraft Magic PrinceBrown  
Cassilis ValerieBay  
Emotion (CAN)
Brown Mare
Wheatland's Humdinger (CAN)5C's Top Hat  
5C's Humdinger  
5C's HumdingerHumdinger  
King's Moll  
Heartland Rain Song
Brown Mare
Sky King
Bay Stallion
Dun-Haven Shamrock King
Bay Stallion
Dun-Haven EmperorPaddock Lane Storm Master  
Cedar Heights Juna  
Tina MarieCadet's Crystal King  
Paddock Lane Rain Drop  
Dun-Haven Valerie *
Bay Mare
Mastercraft Magic PrinceMagic King  
Princess Of The Plain  
Cassilis ValerieCassilis Masterpiece  
Cassilis Vera  
New Song
Brown Mare
Dun-Haven Crescendo (CAN)
Seal Brown Stallion
Command DecisionMahrapo's King Mark  
Cedar Height's FascinationBrown  
Dun-Haven Crystal *Fashion King (CAN)  
Cedar Heights Juna  
Emotion (CAN)
Brown Mare
Wheatland's Humdinger (CAN)5C's Top Hat  
5C's Humdinger  
5C's HumdingerHumdinger  
King's Moll  
This pedigree is for informational purposes only. Verification of this pedigree against original ASR records has not been completed.
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Heartland Summer Rain is the sire of the following horses:

28147Heartland Rainstorm7/20/2013Light BayStallionHeartland Sweet Story
28847Heartland Rainmaker7/26/2013BrownMareSeamair Secret
28148Heartland Southern Rain7/28/2013Dark BayMareHeartland Just A Princess
28171Heartland Make It Rain7/31/2013BayStallionHeartland Sunshine Song
28169Heartland Rhythm Of The Rain8/2/2013BayMareHeartland Chatter Box
28146Heartland Rain And Thunder8/15/2013Seal BrownStallionHeartland Allie
28470Heartland Summer Lovin4/3/2014BayMareNacho Mama
28502Heartland Raining Sugar4/16/2014BayStallionHeartland All Sugar
28288Heartland Evening Rain4/27/2014BayGeldingHeartland Evening Romance
28287Heartland Rain Dreamer5/16/2014BayGeldingHeartland Beautiful Dreamer
28289Heartland Rain Maker5/22/2014BayGeldingHeartland Mary Ann
28657Heartland Living Like A King6/8/2014Seal BrownGeldingHeartland Just A Star
28483Heartland Spring Rain6/21/2014BayMareHeartland Shadowfox
28517Heartland Winter Rain6/22/2014BrownStallionHeartland Yes Dear
28506Heartland Let It Rain7/10/2014BayStallionSeamair Secret
28531Heartland Dancing Rain7/14/2014BayMareHeartland Misty
28503Heartland Singing In The Rain7/17/2014BayMareHeartland Allie
28504Heartland Rain Master8/5/2014BayStallionHeartland Natalie
28755Heartland Executive6/16/2015Dark BayGeldingHeartland Dazzle
28797Heartland Raining Star7/1/2015BayMareHeartland Just A Star
28760The Crowne7/8/2015BayGeldingHeartland Calla Lilly
28892Heartland Sweet Treat7/8/2015BayMareHeartland Dayspring
28794Heartland Birthday Girl7/10/2015BayMareHeartland Foxey Girl
28734Heartland Hi-Ho-Silver Away7/20/2015BayGeldingHeartland With Bells On
28764Heartland Bite My Dust7/21/2015Dark BayGeldingHeartland Mirada
28778Heartland Pepper Upper8/4/2015Dark BayGeldingBoxford Bobbi Socks
28780Heartland By George8/14/2015BayGeldingHeartland Luanne
29239Heartland Vivid Beauty4/8/2016BayMareHeartland Lena
29253Heartland Gypsy Prince4/9/2016BayGeldingHeartland Gypsy Queen
29218Heartland Sea Star4/16/2016Dark BayMareHeartland Star Struck
29219Heartland Sentimental Lady4/29/2016BayMareHeartland Slick Chick
29190Heartland Captain Cool4/30/2016Dark BayStallionHawkeye's Dark Secret
29141Rainforest15/3/2016BayGeldingHeartland Morning Star
29264Heartland Letterman5/4/2016BayStallionHeartland Love-Me-More
29136Heartland American Dream5/17/2016BayMareHeartland Chantel
29171Heartland Miss Universe5/31/2016BayMareHeartland Shadowfox
29230Heartland Summer Snow6/3/2016BayMareHeartland Beautiful Dreamer
29229Heartland Summer Love6/11/2016BrownMareHeartland Sweet Love
29216Heartland Rain Dear6/17/2016BayMareHeartland Yes Dear
29228Heartland Summer Dove6/23/2016BlackMareHeartland Forever Mine
29208Heartland Desert Rain6/25/2016BayStallionHeartland Katy
29210Heartland Dutch Chocolate6/25/2016BlackStallionHeartland Valedictorian
29479Heartland Buddy Love4/30/2017Dark BayStallionBrass Mark
29531Heartland He's A Class Act14/30/2017BayGeldingHeartland Chantel
29537Heartland Drumroll5/13/2017BayStallionHeartland Dixie Girl
29502Heartland Cajun Queen5/20/2017BayMareHeartland Gypsy Queen
29600Heartland Darci5/27/2017Dark BayMareHeartland Sizzle
29598Heartland Alexis5/29/2017BayMareHeartland With Bells On
29547Heartland Mr. America5/30/2017Seal BrownGeldingHeartland Forever Mine
29521Heartland Wonderboy6/1/2017Red BayGeldingHeartland Wonderstruck
29541Heartland Written In Song6/1/2017BayMareHeartland Beautiful Dreamer
29529Heartland Honorable Lady6/13/2017Dark BayMareHeartland Queen Bee
29542Heartland Yes Indeed!6/18/2017BayStallionHeartland Yes Dear
29543Heartland Love At Last6/28/2017BayMareHeartland Love and Kisses
29722Heartland Adore Me4/7/2018BayMareHeartland Lady In Red
29831Heartland Savanna4/23/2018BayMareHeartland Talk About Me
29812Heartland Country King5/8/2018Seal BrownGeldingHeartland Gypsy Queen
29810Heartland Josie5/10/2018BayMareHeartland Edee
29797Raincheck5/19/2018BayMareBrass Mark
29804Heartland Honeybee5/19/2018Dark BayMareHeartland Queen Bee
29830Heartland Indian Summer5/28/2018BayMareHeartland Aurora
29851Heartland Atta Girl6/7/2018Dark BayMareHeartland Aha Moment
29848Heartland Harrington6/30/2018BayStallionHeartland Mirada
30086Heartland Gypsy Star4/3/2019BayMareHeartland Gypsy Queen
30072Heartland Super Cooper4/21/2019BayStallionHeartland Lady In Red
30137Heartland Summer Knight4/23/2019BayStallionHeartland Last Serenade
30134Heartland Jodi4/25/2019BayMareHeartland Passion
30083Heartland Safecracker5/1/2019BayStallionHeartland Queen Bee
30100Heartland True To You5/7/2019BayMareHeartland Allie
30101Heartland Chocolate Blue6/3/2019Seal BrownGeldingHeartland Chocolate Drop
30145Heartland Jeri Lynn6/20/2019BlackMareHeartland Pistol Packin' Mama
30084Heartland Summer Beauty7/3/2019BrownMareHeartland Brass Beauty
30399Heartland Firefox4/28/2020BayStallionMiss X-Clusive
30419Heartland Thundersnap5/13/2020BayStallionHeartland Unforgettable
30443Heartland On The Money5/15/2020BayStallionHeartland Natasha
30393Heartland Spring Song5/17/2020BayMareHeartland Spring Cheer
30429Heartland Susan5/21/2020Dark BayMareHeartland Rain Dance
30358Heartland Karly Ann6/8/2020BayMareHeartland Korrie Ann
30827Heartland I'm Your Man4/30/2021Seal BrownStallionHeartland Sea Star
30840Heartland Pay Day5/1/2021BayStallionHeartland Glitter and Gold
30815Heartland So Lovely6/12/2021BayMareHeartland Gospel Song
30810Heartland Mary Lou7/4/2021BayMareHeartland Allie

Ownership History
Darrel & Sandra KolkmanMay 31st, 2009-