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Creation's King   [P]   (Registry Records)      
Creation's King
King of The Highlands
Bay Stallion
King of The Plain (GB)
Habrough Swell (GB)Successful (GB)  
Glenavon Ideal (GB)  
Axholme Lady EdithSouthworth Swell (GB)  
Tissington Hoiden (GB)  
Axholme Venus

Southworth Swell (GB)Pinderfields Horace (GB)  
Tilston Maid (GB)Bay  
Talke Princess (GB)837
Penwortham Creation

Southworth Swell (GB)
Pinderfields Horace (GB)837
Tilston Maid (GB)837
Colne Clearaway (GB)
Bay Mare
Berkeley Claudius (GB)837
Berkeley Creation (GB)837
This pedigree is for informational purposes only. Verification of this pedigree against original ASR records has not been completed.
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Creation's King is the sire of the following horses:

3003Schaephil's Sun Rocket0000000837
2796SKing's DictationDictating Lady
2874SKing's MajestyCassilis Mystery
2876SKing's FaultlessLucifer's Lorna
2902SSun King0000000837
2952SKing's Royal FlashStallionPenwortham Norena
3048SCreation's TopperStallionLucifer's Orchid
3052SKing's PrecisionStallionLucifer's Lucille
3092SKing of CreationLucifer's Rosebud
3179SWee Brook Creation's JoyStallionManor Fuse's Joy
3198SKing's SaluteStallionKing's Solitaire
3205SVenus' CreationStallionKing's Venus
3315SKing's Hit ParadeStallionGlenholme Fairy
3389SKing's Hi-Fi1/1/1955BayStallionCupid's Pride
3391SKing's Town Topic1/1/1955Dark BayStallionLucifer's Little Gem
5486King's Lavendula5/7/1955MareGlenholme Scarlet
5487King's Elegant AireRana's Moonbeam
5492King's Hi-NoteGlenholme Fairy
5578Creation's ConnieCoronation's Jewel
3448SKing's Tempo1/1/1956Dark BayStallionLucifer's Rythmn
3450SKing's Colossal1/1/1956BayStallionLucifer's Mystery Girl
3451SKing's Candidate1/1/1956BayStallionLucifer's Cora
3500SRuss-Glo Black AceStallionFleetwood Strife
3515SKing's Top Award5/7/1957StallionKing's Solitaire
3557SReedann's MaydayQueen's Marvel
3598SReedann's Chocolate SoldierStallionLucifer's Laurine
3627SAlbelarm AudaciousStallionLucifer's Cora
3735SKing's ReflectionCroftland Venus
3794SKing's DynamicStallionTiffany
5671King's Hi-Fashion5/14/1957BayMareCupid's Pride
5672King's CarnationMareGlenholme Scarlet
5690Creation's QueenieMareLucifer's Carolyn
5772Reedann's April StarQueen's Marvel
5785Reedann's CinderellaDictation's Laurine
5935Creation's Glory of HopewellJudith Ann of Hopewell
6016King's Miss LizMareMagic Royal Princess
6174Pride's GemMareCupid's Pride
6185King's CaressMareSandra
6186King's CameoMareDufferin Laughter (CAN)
4648King's DivinityHamton Sun Rae
4680Creation's CreolaLucifer's Lucille
4683Creation's Hi-LiteMareScarlet Secret
4755King's SunriseLucifer's Lucille
4757King's New StarDinarth Secret
4758King's Spring CheerMareScarlet Secret
4759King's JonquilLucifer's Orchid
4765King's RanetteMareCassilis Rana
4814Schaephil's April ShowersLu-Rana
4877King's FireflyLucifer's Little Gem
4906King's CeceliaScarlet Secret
4908King's NoniLucifer's Darling
4947Schaephil's Beaux OrchidMareLittle Judy
5006King's RomanceMareRana's Moonbeam
5089King's FavoritaDinarth Corinne
5090Creation's DawnMareLucifer's Orchid
5103King's GlamouretteMareLucifer's Unique
5153King's PrintzessMareKing's Solitaire
5155King's ModernaireMareModern History
5156King's CoretteMareLucifer's Cora
5242King's CorinneLucifer's Cora
5256King's Sweet MysteryLucifer's Mystery Girl
5257King's SpringtimeMareKing's Spring Cheer
5304King's Co-EdMareModern History
5324King's ValedictorianThe Maples Sheredeb Plain
5381King's Star SapphireMareKing's Solitaire
5383King's Christmas CarolScarlet Secret
5384King's CathyMareLucifer's Mystery Girl
5422Miss Photo FlingMareMiss Photo Flash
3836SCreation's Prince*6/10/1959BrownStallionAnnette's Dream
3887SMay Day CreationStallionFieldstone Fashion
4102SKing's TreasureMain Attraction
4326SGolden Cross KingStallionMagic Royal Princess
4443SKing's ApolloStallionMastercraft Blossom
4893SKing's PrestoStallionBanner's Scandal
5033SKing's AstronautStallionFashion on Parade
5107SKing's Mr. MoonbeamRana's Moonbeam
-M1527-Creation's King Junior (CAN)StallionBryn Avon Regret
6187King's Crystal1/1/1960BrownMareRana's Moonbeam
6237Reedann's April SongMareQueen's Marvel
6317King's Annetta K1/1/1960BrownMareCroftland Venus
6320King's BallerinaMareCroftland Belle
6321King's Cover Girl1/1/1960BrownMareLucifer's Luella
6522Wall's Lady BunnieMareCroftland Belle
6556King's Dream GirlMy Dream
6768Reedann's Creation MiteAppin Master Mite
6809Rhythm TimeKenbrook's Ballette
6879King's HumoresqueDufferin Laughter (CAN)
6880King's IvyMareFuture Ann
6881King's MoonbeamRana's Moonbeam
6882King's HannahMystic's Little Venus
7311King's CoraBrownMareGeraldine