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Heartland Brass   [P]   (Registry Records)     5/31/2009  
Heartland Brass
Brown Stallion
Heartland High Tech
Bay Stallion
Dun-Haven Bandolier
Bay Stallion
Dun-Haven Crescendo (CAN)Command DecisionBay  
Dun-Haven Crystal *Black  
Dun-Haven DesdemonaMr. Chips *Bay  
Dun-Haven Sweet RhythmSeal Brown  
Heartland Sweetheart
Bay Mare
Sky KingDun-Haven Shamrock KingBay  
Dun-Haven Valerie *Bay  
Poinsettia's Sweet DreamsEquality (Mr. Sandman)  
Mr. Yank's Poinsetta  
Extremely Adorable
Brown Mare
The Extremist
Bay Stallion
Dun-Haven Center AttractionDun-Haven BandolierBay  
Dun-Haven Wicked WaysBay  
West Wind's Hot DateDun-Haven King LearBay  
Dun-Haven ImaginationBrown  
Heartland Adorable Miss *
Bay Mare
Sky KingDun-Haven Shamrock KingBay  
Dun-Haven Valerie *Bay  
Abner's Adorability *Dawn Acres Raven's Reflection  
Abner's NationalityBay  
This pedigree is for informational purposes only. Verification of this pedigree against original ASR records has not been completed.
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Heartland Brass is the sire of the following horses:

22611-20LBS/NBF Weanling 22611-20Heartland Heather
28541Heartland Dude5/2/2014BayStallionHeartland Cool Cookie
28540Heartland Kylee5/26/2014BrownMareHeartland Song Of Victory
28538Heartland Larimee6/9/2014BrownStallionHeartland Dazzle
28963Brass Ensemble6/20/2014BayGeldingCherish
28763Heartland Romp N Stomp4/18/2015Seal BrownGeldingHeartland Cool Cookie
28730Heartland Dreamcatcher4/20/2015Seal BrownMareHeartland Day Dreamer
28773Heartland Steady Freddy5/4/2015Dark BayGeldingWait & See's Wild Berry
28758Heartland Cash It In5/27/2015BayGeldingSeamair's War Dance
28827Heartland Brass Beauty6/3/2015Dark BayMareSeamair Secret
28762Heartland Educator6/14/2015BrownGeldingHeartland Fantasy
29175Heartland Prairie Jewel4/18/2016BayMareHeartland Day Dreamer
29227Heartland Sugar High5/2/2016BayMareHeartland All Sugar
29119Heartland Oh Henry5/12/2016BrownStallionCindy Lou Who*
29204Heartland Dance All Night5/26/2016BayMareSeamair's War Dance
29505Heartland Cadillac Man1/14/2017Dark BayGeldingHeartland Sweet Sue
29506Heartland Cool Blue5/9/2017Seal BrownGeldingHeartland Cool Stuff
29546Heartland Make My Day5/9/2017BlackGeldingHeartland Allie
29584Heartland Lucy5/22/2017BayMareHeartland Erin
29508Heartland Joellen7/4/2017BayMareHeartland Cynthia
29862Heartland Echo Of Thunder5/20/2018Dark BayGeldingHeartland Star Struck
29818Heartland Jackie5/30/2018BayMareHeartland Wild Berry
29838Heartland Breanna6/28/2018BayMareHeartland Essence
30076Heartland Jetta5/4/2019Seal BrownMareHeartland Star Struck
30066Heartland He's In Style5/7/2019BrownGeldingHeartland City Girl
30060Heartland Janine5/20/2019BayMareHeartland Cool Cookie
30108Heartland On Target6/16/2019Seal BrownGeldingHeartland On My Way
30392Heartland Persuasion5/7/2020BayStallionHeartland Evening Romance
30424Heartland Prize Contender5/24/2020Seal BrownStallionHeartland Love and Kisses
30366Heartland Sling Shot6/29/2020BayStallionHeartland Emerald
30806Heartland Fashion Girl5/7/2021Dark BayMareHeartland City Girl
30832Heartland I'm It5/28/2021BayStallionHeartland Sweet Surrender
30813Heartland Showtime6/17/2021BrownMareHeartland Show Stopper
30850Heartland Destiny6/22/2021BayStallionHeartland Jessa
30809Heartland Lonesome Dove7/1/2021BrownMareHeartland Summer Dove
30821Heartland Talked About7/8/2021Dark BayStallionHeartland Yours Truly

Ownership History
Darrel a/o Sandra KolkmanDec 1st, 2009-