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Heartland Special Agent   [P]   (Registry Records)     5/25/2010  
Heartland Special Agent
Bay Stallion
Heartland Code Of Honor
Bay Stallion
Dun-Haven Bandolier
Bay Stallion
Dun-Haven Crescendo (CAN)Command DecisionBay  
Dun-Haven Crystal *Black  
Dun-Haven DesdemonaMr. Chips *Bay  
Dun-Haven Sweet RhythmSeal Brown  
Heartland Whisper
Bay Mare
Sky KingDun-Haven Shamrock KingBay  
Dun-Haven Valerie *Bay  
Emotion (CAN)Wheatland's Humdinger (CAN)  
5C's Humdinger  
Heartland Sweet Sue
Seal Brown Mare
LLF Top Of The Mark
Bay Stallion
Mark Of Success *Revelation1Brown  
Royal Manor Victory Pass  
Bit O' BrassTijuana Brass *Brown  
Jubilee's Beauty  
Heartland Sweetheart
Bay Mare
Sky KingDun-Haven Shamrock KingBay  
Dun-Haven Valerie *Bay  
Poinsettia's Sweet DreamsEquality (Mr. Sandman)  
Mr. Yank's Poinsetta  
This pedigree is for informational purposes only. Verification of this pedigree against original ASR records has not been completed.
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Heartland Special Agent is the sire of the following horses:

28512Heartland Genius4/18/2014Seal BrownStallionHeartland Lace And Leather
28516Heartland ShaBoom!4/29/2014BayMareHeartland Sarasota
28515Heartland Sweet Pea5/7/2014BayMareTruly Striking
28527Heartland Dancing Up A Storm6/2/2014BrownMareHeartland Peek-A-Boo
28514Heartland Fancy Free6/29/2014BayMareHeartland Adara
28786Heartland Supersonic5/3/2015Dark BayGeldingHeartland Nightingale
28798Heartland Maiden America5/8/2015BayMareHeartland Love-Me-More
28943Heartland Personality Plus5/15/2015Seal BrownMareHeartland Kiss And Tell
28808Heartland Lookie Here6/7/2015BrownStallionHeartland Lookie-Lookie
28799Heartland Party Crasher6/28/2015BayStallionHeartland Misty
28891Heartland Ain't I Grand?7/25/2015BayMareHeartland Tiffany
28893Heartland Jungle Jack8/6/2015BayStallionHeartland Dolly
28731Heartland Go Johnny Go8/14/2015BayStallionHeartland Whispers Of Love
28732Heartland Defender8/17/2015BayStallionHeartland Honeysuckle
28767Heartland Jackrabbit Slim8/19/2015BayGeldingHeartland Singsation
28769Heartland After Midnight8/25/2015Seal BrownGeldingHeartland Song Of Songs
28727Heartland Spiderman8/30/2015Seal BrownGeldingHeartland Erin
29240Heartland We Salute You4/9/2016BayStallionHeartland Rejoice
28907Pony Soprano4/19/2016BlackGeldingCH Heartland Carolee
29268Heartland Mind Reader5/18/2016BayStallionHeartland Emerald
29179Heartland Prairie Princess5/19/2016BayMareHeartland Caitlin
29265Heartland Marry Her5/29/2016BayMareHeartland Summer Romance
29130Heartland Love That Girl6/22/2016Dark BayMareHeartland Love-Me-Only
29515Heartland Treasure Seeker4/19/2017BayGeldingHeartland Rejoice
29501Heartland Cherie5/8/2017BayMareHeartland Wish Me Well
29639Heartland Jacee5/15/2017BrownMareCH Heartland Carolee
29513Heartland Sharla5/20/2017BayMareHeartland Kendra
29552Heartland Peggy Sue6/22/2017BayMareHeartland Adara
29648Heartland Bit-O-Honey6/22/2017BayMareHeartland Cool Cookie
29477Heartland Sia7/1/2017BrownMareHeartland Love-Me-Up
29582Heartland Reality Show7/3/2017BayStallionHeartland Singsation
29649Heartland Night Watch7/10/2017BrownGeldingHeartland Everlasting Love
29550Heartland Never Say Never7/16/2017BayStallionHeartland Blue For You
29840Heartland Ragtime6/20/2018Dark BayStallionHeartland Joyful Song
30180Heartland Tra La La4/22/2019BayMareHeartland Glitter and Gold
30106Heartland Rambo4/23/2019Seal BrownStallionHeartland Kiss And Tell
30078Heartland Sadie Sue5/4/2019BayMareHeartland Kaycee
30107Heartland Lady In Blue5/4/2019BayMareHeartland Blue Velvet
30109Heartland Lawman5/15/2019BayStallionHeartland Nightingale
30070Heartland Can Do Guy5/21/2019BayStallionHeartland Made Ya Look!
30177Heartland Mya5/29/2019BayMareHeartland Who's Like Me?
30140Heartland Hot Wired6/5/2019BayStallionHeartland Mary Ann
30182Heartland Sundown Sunup6/6/2019BayStallionHeartland Joyful Song
30144Heartland Handy Man6/17/2019BrownStallionHeartland Cheyenne

Ownership History
Darrel a/o Sandra KolkmanMay 25th, 2010-