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Heartland Special Agent   [P]   (Registry Records)     5/25/2010  
Heartland Special Agent
Bay Stallion
Heartland Code Of Honor
Bay Stallion
Dun-Haven Bandolier
Bay Stallion
Dun-Haven Crescendo (CAN)
Seal Brown Stallion
Command DecisionMahrapo's King Mark  
Cedar Height's FascinationBrown  
Dun-Haven Crystal *Fashion King (CAN)  
Cedar Heights Juna  
Dun-Haven Desdemona
Bay Mare
Mr. Chips *Equality (Mr. Sandman)  
September Song  
Dun-Haven Sweet RhythmCommand DecisionBay  
Dun-Haven Sweet Success  
Heartland Whisper
Bay Mare
Sky King
Bay Stallion
Dun-Haven Shamrock KingDun-Haven Emperor  
Tina MarieBay  
Dun-Haven Valerie *Mastercraft Magic PrinceBrown  
Cassilis ValerieBay  
Emotion (CAN)
Brown Mare
Wheatland's Humdinger (CAN)5C's Top Hat  
5C's Humdinger  
5C's HumdingerHumdinger  
King's Moll  
Heartland Sweet Sue
Seal Brown Mare
LLF Top Of The Mark
Bay Stallion
Mark Of Success *
Brown Stallion
Revelation1Cassilis Troubador *Bay  
Rodgers' Ann  
Royal Manor Victory PassModel's Banner Bright  
Dun-Haven Opal  
Bit O' Brass
Brown Mare
Tijuana Brass *Creation's Prince *Brown  
Banner's ScandalBay  
Jubilee's BeautyJubileeBlack  
King's Star  
Heartland Sweetheart
Bay Mare
Sky King
Bay Stallion
Dun-Haven Shamrock KingDun-Haven Emperor  
Tina MarieBay  
Dun-Haven Valerie *Mastercraft Magic PrinceBrown  
Cassilis ValerieBay  
Poinsettia's Sweet Dreams
Bay Mare
Equality (Mr. Sandman)Stonehedge Lil' AbnerBrown  
OriginalityDark Brown  
Mr. Yank's PoinsettaMeri-Del's Mr. Yank  
Dictation's Laurine  
This pedigree is for informational purposes only. Verification of this pedigree against original ASR records has not been completed.
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Heartland Special Agent is the sire of the following horses:

28512Heartland Genius4/18/2014Seal BrownStallionHeartland Lace And Leather
28516Heartland ShaBoom!4/29/2014BayMareHeartland Sarasota
28515Heartland Sweet Pea5/7/2014BayMareTruly Striking
28527Heartland Dancing Up A Storm6/2/2014BrownMareHeartland Peek-A-Boo
28514Heartland Fancy Free6/29/2014BayMareHeartland Adara
28786Heartland Supersonic5/3/2015Dark BayGeldingHeartland Nightingale
28798Heartland Maiden America5/8/2015BayMareHeartland Love-Me-More
28943Heartland Personality Plus5/15/2015Seal BrownMareHeartland Kiss And Tell
28808Heartland Lookie Here6/7/2015BrownStallionHeartland Lookie-Lookie
28799Heartland Party Crasher6/28/2015BayStallionHeartland Misty
28891Heartland Ain't I Grand?7/25/2015BayMareHeartland Tiffany
28893Heartland Jungle Jack8/6/2015BayStallionHeartland Dolly
28731Heartland Go Johnny Go8/14/2015BayStallionHeartland Whispers Of Love
28732Heartland Defender8/17/2015BayStallionHeartland Honeysuckle
28767Heartland Jackrabbit Slim8/19/2015BayGeldingHeartland Singsation
28769Heartland After Midnight8/25/2015Seal BrownGeldingHeartland Song Of Songs
28727Heartland Spiderman8/30/2015Seal BrownGeldingHeartland Erin
29240Heartland We Salute You4/9/2016BayStallionHeartland Rejoice
28907Pony Soprano4/19/2016BlackGeldingCH Heartland Carolee
29268Heartland Mind Reader5/18/2016BayStallionHeartland Emerald
29179Heartland Prairie Princess5/19/2016BayMareHeartland Caitlin
29265Heartland Marry Her5/29/2016BayMareHeartland Summer Romance
29130Heartland Love That Girl6/22/2016Dark BayMareHeartland Love-Me-Only
29515Heartland Treasure Seeker4/19/2017BayGeldingHeartland Rejoice
29501Heartland Cherie5/8/2017BayMareHeartland Wish Me Well
29639Heartland Jacee5/15/2017BrownMareCH Heartland Carolee
29513Heartland Sharla5/20/2017BayMareHeartland Kendra
29552Heartland Peggy Sue6/22/2017BayMareHeartland Adara
29648Heartland Bit-O-Honey6/22/2017BayMareHeartland Cool Cookie
29477Heartland Sia7/1/2017BrownMareHeartland Love-Me-Up
29582Heartland Reality Show7/3/2017BayStallionHeartland Singsation
29649Heartland Night Watch7/10/2017BrownGeldingHeartland Everlasting Love
29550Heartland Never Say Never7/16/2017BayStallionHeartland Blue For You
29840Heartland Ragtime6/20/2018Dark BayStallionHeartland Joyful Song
30180Heartland Tra La La4/22/2019BayMareHeartland Glitter and Gold
30106Heartland Rambo4/23/2019Seal BrownStallionHeartland Kiss And Tell
30078Heartland Sadie Sue5/4/2019BayMareHeartland Kaycee
30107Heartland Lady In Blue5/4/2019BayMareHeartland Blue Velvet
30109Heartland Lawman5/15/2019BayStallionHeartland Nightingale
30070Heartland Can Do Guy5/21/2019BayStallionHeartland Made Ya Look!
30177Heartland Mya5/29/2019BayMareHeartland Who's Like Me?
30140Heartland Hot Wired6/5/2019BayStallionHeartland Mary Ann
30182Heartland Sundown Sunup6/6/2019BayStallionHeartland Joyful Song
30144Heartland Handy Man6/17/2019BrownStallionHeartland Cheyenne
30414Heartland Mr. Mysterious4/20/2020BayStallionHeartland Lollipop
30409Heartland Skywatcher5/2/2020BayStallionHeartland Bright Star
30353Heartland Sharlene5/6/2020BayMareHeartland Made Ya Look!
30389Heartland By Design5/6/2020Dark BrownStallionHeartland Beautiful Dreamer
30398Heartland Candy Kiss5/7/2020Dark BrownMareHeartland Kiss And Tell
30365Heartland Lyla5/8/2020BayMareHeartland Hot Ammunition
30403Heartland Midnight Moon5/18/2020Seal BrownStallionHeartland Wonderstruck
30418Heartland You Are The One5/28/2020Seal BrownStallionHeartland Spring Rain

Ownership History
Darrel a/o Sandra KolkmanMay 25th, 2010-