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King of Belgium   [P]   (Registry Records)   DECEASED     3/28/1948  
King of Belgium *
Bay Stallion
King's Banner
Bay Stallion
King of The Plain (GB)
Habrough Swell (GB)
Successful (GB)Sir Horace (GB)  
Success (GB)  
Glenavon Ideal (GB)Torchfire (GB)  
Mansfield Queen (GB)  
Axholme Lady Edith

Southworth Swell (GB)Pinderfields Horace (GB)  
Tilston Maid (GB)Bay  
Tissington Hoiden (GB)837
City Star

Milestone (GB)
Holland May Queen (GB)
Torchfire (GB)Fire Boy (GB)  
Alice Quality
Southworth Quality (GB)
Southworth Swell (GB)
Pinderfields Horace (GB)837
Tilston Maid (GB)837
Rusper Antonia (GB)
Buckley Alice (GB)
Bricket Fusilier (GB)
Fusee (GB)Melbourne Fame (GB)  
Melbourne Bell (GB)  
Colne Marvel (GB)Gentleman John (GB)  
Warwick Wren (GB)  
Buckley Poppy (GB)
This pedigree is for informational purposes only. Verification of this pedigree against original ASR records has not been completed.
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King of Belgium is the sire of the following horses:

3382SKing Of Silver Creek1/1/1955Seal BrownStallionLucifer's Fairy Princess
3455Silver Creek Supreme1/1/1956ChestnutStallionLucifer's Modernistic
3457SSilver Creek Fashion1/1/1956BayStallionSir John's Cameo
3607SSilver Creek High HatSchaephil's Indiana Love Song
3710SSilver Creek SkylarkStallionMiss Josephine
3711SSilver Creek MelStallionDream Magic
3712SPrince of Silver CreekStallionLucifer's Modernistic
3714SSilver Creek FlashStallionLittle Darling
3728SG. Willie BounceStallionAlice G
3876SSilver Creek Little LadStallionKing's Little Lady
3927SSilver Creek Honey BeeStallionLucifer's Rosebud
3928SSilver Creek Double DiamondStallionSusan Swell
3932SSilver Creek ValorStallionDream Magic
3936SSilver Creek Little DarlingStallionElmwood's Princess Darling
4072SSilver Creek's Fire CrackerStallionSusan Swell
3456SSilver Creek Playboy4/28/1956BayStallionTemptation
5805Silver Creek Prudence7/20/1957BayMareSilver Creek Sue
5928Silver Creek EilineMareKing's Little Lady
5929Silver Creek CharmSir John's Cameo
5930Silver Creek MaidMareSilver Creek Alice
5933Sliver Creek LilMarePeggy Noonan
6079New CreationMareKing's Co-Ed
6245Silver Creek FairyMarePeggy Noonan
5937SSilver Creek Gold StarStallionStar's Jonquil
6247Silver Creek Miss Personality1/1/1959BayMareSilver Creek Fraulein
6352King's Little DreamCassilis Day Dream
6396Siver Creek Baby Doll5/3/1960MareSilver Creek Fraulein
6397Silver Creek StarKing's Elegant Aire
6398Silver Creek Suzy Q5/26/1960BayMareSilver Creek Sue
6402Silver Creek Miss IndependenceMareMiss Illinois
6454Silver Creek Elegant AireMareKing's Elegant Aire
6648Silver Creek MadonnaSilver Creek Alice
6650Silver Creek JamieMareRoccochet Romance
6773Silver Creek Party GirlMareKing's Elegant Aire
6872Silver Creek IdealMareSilver Creek Sue
6873Silver Creek Sugar TimeSilver Creek Fraulein
6463SSilver Creek FirestoneStallionMiss Illinois
7199SSilver Creek QuicksilverStallionSilver Creek Fraulein
4304Silver Creek SwellSilver Creek Sue
4299SSilver Creek Big Man4/20/1961BayGeldingCassilis Easter Parade
4530SSilver Creek ImpalaStallionDream Magic
5098Silver Creek Sabre DanceGlenholme Ballet Dancer
5276Sweet MusicLucifer's Rosebud
5277Copper LadyMareLucifer's Rosebud
5278TemptationKing's Little Lady
5622Silver Creek HolidayLucifer's Modernistic
5782Silver Creek Lucky PennyLucifer's Modernistic
5798Silver Creek FrauleinTemptation
5799Silver Creek TwinkleMareTemptation
5802Silver Creek Top FlightMareSpecified
5803Silver Creek Julep CupMareDream Magic
5804Silver Creek GlitterKing's Valedictorian
4532SSilver Creek All Star6/12/1962BayStallionSilver Creek Twinkle
4533SSilver Creek Candy ManStallionKing's Little Lady
5094SSliver Creek Dark MysteryStallionThe Maples Sheredeb Plain
5097SSilver Creek Master MakerStallionElmwood's Princess Darling
5354SSilver Creek A SharpSilver Creek Fraulein
4531SSilver Creek Special Guy7/9/1962BayStallionDimples
13409Brookwood Sherrie11/28/1962Dark BayMareAlice G
7220Silver Creek Jezebel1/1/1963BayMareSilver Creek Sue
7221Silver Creek Coed1/1/1963BayMareDream Magic
7222Silver Creek Sparkle1/1/1963BayMareSilver Creek Twinkle
7225Silver Creek Penny8/20/1963BayMareSilver Creek Lucky Penny
7258Silver Creek Spring SongBayMareSchaephil's Indiana Love Song
7274SSilver Creek Match MakerStallionSilver Creek Ideal
7287SSilver Creek Wild FireStallionDun-Haven Wind Song
7320SSilver Creek Scarlet RibbonRuss-Glo Queen
7549SSilver Creek MustangStallionSuits Us Molly O'Day
13410Brookwood Hello Dollie4/16/1964Light BayMareChampagne Lady
3227SGay ParadeStallionKing's Little Lady
3233SMaster SupremeStallionLucifer's Modernistic
3301SRex's ParaderStallionKing's Little Lady
7616Silver Creek Fabulous Lady7/8/1964MareKing's Elegant Aire
7619Silver Creek Prima Donna7/10/1964BayMareKing's Noni
7620Silver Creek Margie7/21/1964ChestnutMare0000006699
7949Silver Creek DollyMiss Adorable (Imp)
7614Silver Creek Olivia8/19/1964BayMareElmwood's Juliet
7615Silver Creek First LoveMareSir John's Cameo
7954Silver Creek Regal Aire6/12/1965BayMareKing's Elegant Aire
7955Silver Creek Cupid's Joy0000006364
8041SSilver Creek Gentleman JimStallionSilver Creek Eiline
8426Silver Creek Ballet7/26/1966BayMareGlenholme Ballet Dancer
10139Meadowhaven's Chocolate Lady3/20/1969ChestnutMareSilver Creek First Love
9512Silver Creek Twinkle Toes5/27/1969ChestnutMareSilver Creek Twinkle
9692Silver Creek BraceletMareTop Award's Gem
9855Silver Creek Colette5/14/1970BayMareDun-Haven Wind Song
9856Silver Creek Music Maker*5/16/1970Dark BayMareSilver Creek Twinkle
9858Silver Creek Bit-O-FashionMareSilver Creek Charm
10180Silver Creek Glory Be3/29/1971BayMareSilver Creek Sparkle
10181Silver Creek Cherry Wash4/28/1971BlackMareThe Lady Gay
10223Silver Creek's Bonnie BellMareSilver Creek Dolly
10087Silver Creek First Prize5/31/1971BayMareSilver Creek Fraulein
10088Siver Creek Silver Bell6/2/1971BayMareSilver Creek Twinkle
10090Silver Creek First Star6/17/1971BayMareWhyworry Trillium
10091Silver Creek Moon Flower6/17/1971Dark BayMare0000006251
10092Silver Creek Miss Bridgett7/12/1971BayMareCallaway's Aurora
10093Silver Creek Emerald8/13/1971Dark BayMareSalute's Jewel
10096Silver Creek Blue Ribbon8/18/1971Light BayMareDun-Haven Wind Song
10097Silver Creek Red Wine9/8/1971BayMareRuss-Glo Queen
10480Silver Creek Leading Lady5/5/1972BayMareKing's Lady Flora
10080Siver Creek Peach Brandy5/10/1972BlackMare0000005124
10483Silver Creek Star Sapphire5/24/1972BayMareSilver Creek Sparkle
10562Silver Creek Pop TopMareSilver Creek Opal
7205SSilver Creek Witch Craft7/10/1972BayStallionKing's Elegant Aire
10565Silver Creek Morning Bells*4/25/1973BayMareCallaway's Aurora
10572Silver Creek Show Stopper5/30/1973BayMareSilver Creek Jezebel
10978Silver Creek Rare CharmMareSilver Creek Charm
10982Sliver Creek Naughty MariettaMareWhyworry Trillium
10983Silver Creek Love PotionMareStar's Jonquil
11062Silver Creek Molly O'DayMareSuits Us Molly O'Day
11065Silver Creek Blue Bell5/12/1975Dark BayMareSilver Creek Sugar Time
11067Silver Creek Golden EarringsMareSilver Creek Bracelet
11528Silver Creek Fancy ValentineSilver Creek Fraulein
11664Silver Creek Hello DollyMareSilver Creek Dolly
8170SSilver Creek Grand Slam6/7/1977Light BayGeldingSilver Creek Fraulein
11726Silver Creek Sugar Candy6/24/1977Light BayMareSilver Creek Sugar Time
11729Silver Creek Princess Flora6/28/1977BlackMareKing's Lady Flora
8424Silver Creek Dream DateRuss-Glo Queen
8219SSilver Creek Top Burner9/6/1977BayStallionTop Award's Lady
8220SSilver Creek Happy HourStallionSilver Creek Elegant Aire
11730Silver Creek Telestar9/26/1977BayMareSilver Creek Star
12042Silver Creek Dainty DuchessMareSilver Creek Opal
8634Silver Creek OpalMareSalute's Jewel
9267Silver Creek TrinketMareTop Award's Gem
8509SSilver Creek Pipe Dream6/14/1978Dark BayStallionKing's Lady Flora