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Cadetson's Choice   [H]   (Registry Records)      
Cadetson's Choice
Mastercraft Cadet
Cadet CommanderKing of The HighlandsBay  
Penwortham Dream (GB)  
Stonehedge Bit O'HeatherHabrough Swell (GB)  
Cassilis Iris  
Princess Of The Plain
King of The Plain (GB)Habrough Swell (GB)  
Axholme Lady Edith  
Kiss In The DarkBunn's Delight  
Delchester Fusette  
Dun-Haven's Duchess
Yankee Doodle
Brown Stallion
QuestionnaireKing of The Plain (GB)  
Harviestoun Elva (GB)Black  
Dicksfield StarletStonehedge Ovation  
La La Success  
Miss Hanna's Evening Bells

Stonehedge JupiterHabrough Swell (GB)  
Habrough Rainbow (GB)  
Lochburn BelleDinarth Authority  
Evening Chimes  
This pedigree is for informational purposes only. Verification of this pedigree against original ASR records has not been completed.
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Cadetson's Choice is the sire of the following horses:

2529GFriend-ly Choice4/2/1976BayGeldingMiss Coed
9370SCadetson's Sneaky Pete5/1/1980BayGeldingMiss Coed
9067SOrbisong15/9/1980Seal BrownStallionBlack Love
9026SSir Sauvignon15/10/1980Seal BrownGeldingCanadian Tiffany (CAN)
9608SDun-Haven High Time*4/11/1982BayGeldingYankee Doodle's Melody (CAN)
13266Dun-Haven Rare Jewell5/2/1982BrownMareBlack Gold's Calafia
13272Dun-Haven Desiree5/16/1982BrownMareJubilee's Triumph Doll
13267Dun-Haven Cadetress5/28/1982BayMareRoyal Manor Lovely Lady
9890SDun-Haven Majestic5/10/1983BayGeldingFirethorn's Easy Go
9891SDun-Haven Awesome Creation5/12/1983BayStallionRoyal Manor Melody
13612Dun-Haven Crystal Vision6/4/1983BayMareDun-Haven Sweet Suzette
9892SDun-Haven Sandpiper6/16/1983BayGeldingDun-Haven Sweet Success
13765Dun-Haven Jubilette5/27/1984BayMareDowntown Brown
11463SRoyal Manor Serendipity7/23/1984BrownStallionDun-Haven Holly
10489SDun-Haven Rare Vintage5/11/1985BrownGeldingDun-Haven Sweet Rhythm
14084Heavenly Chimes5/15/1985BayMareFlyer's Glenavon Chimes (CAN)
14160Dun-Haven Victory Song5/17/1985BayMareRoyal Manor Victory Pass
14164Royal Manor Winter Dreams5/19/1985BrownMareRoyal Manor Taste of Honey
10490SDun-Haven Ringmaster*6/2/1985BrownStallionBil-Haven Autumn Gisele (CAN)*
14159Dun-Haven Dainty Vision6/28/1985BayMareCadetson's Last Haven
14163Dun-Haven So Lovely7/3/1985BayMareLovely Time
11113SLLF Best Choice4/14/1986Seal BrownStallionMain Dame
14515Dun-Haven Decora5/26/1986BayMareDun-Haven My Enchantment
14517Dun-Haven Devonna*6/10/1986BrownMareFirethorn's Model Doll
14487First Choice6/13/1986BayMareRoyal Manor Victory Pass
10679SClover Leaf's Spellbinder8/18/1986BayGeldingClover Leaf's Czarina
14827Dun-Haven Flirtatious5/16/1987BayMareHill Echo
14828Dun-Haven Mystic Lady5/24/1987BayMareFirethorn's Model Doll
14830Dun-Haven Vivacious5/27/1987BayMareDistinctive Lady
11438SDun-Haven Cadetson's Choice4/22/1988BayStallionSuits Us Lolita
15087Clover Leaf's Desirable6/7/1988BayMareClover Leaf's Czarina
11439SDun-Haven Royal Choice6/7/1988BayStallionCassilis Kathleen
15153Dun-Haven Gisele6/11/1988BrownMareBil-Haven Autumn Gisele (CAN)*
11355SCadetson's Little Nick6/25/1988BlackStallionHurstwood Little Model (GB)
15000Albelarm China Doll6/30/1988BayMareFirethorn's Model Doll
15388Heartland Lovely Lady4/29/1989BayMareRoyal Manor Lovely Lady
15417Choice's Jamaica Judy5/7/1989BayMareJubilee's Jamaica Judy
11744SStrictly Confidential5/13/1989BayGeldingFlint Tonnetta
15527K & J's Fine Crystal5/3/1990BayMareCrystal Gail*
15582High Life Rare Choice8/5/1990BayMareDun-Haven Rare Jewell
12307SDistinctive Choice5/18/1991BlackGeldingDistinctive Lady