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Fairy's High Flyer (CAN)   [P]   (Registry Records)     7/6/1966  
Fairy's High Flyer (CAN)
Brown Stallion
Cassilis High Flyer
Whippoorwill Masterpiece
Cassilis Masterpiece
Southworth Swell (GB)Pinderfields Horace (GB)  
Tilston Maid (GB)Bay  
Colne Marvel (GB)Gentleman John (GB)  
Warwick Wren (GB)  
Cassilis Lilly

Cassilis Mighty SwellSouthworth Swell (GB)  
Mighty Mite  
Bricket Fuchsia (GB)Fusee (GB)  
Colne Marvel (GB)  
Cassilis Melanie

Cassilis Mighty Swell
Southworth Swell (GB)Pinderfields Horace (GB)  
Tilston Maid (GB)Bay  
Mighty MiteNipper Jr.  
Irvington Bounce II  
Cassilis Vera
Southworth Swell (GB)Pinderfields Horace (GB)  
Tilston Maid (GB)Bay  
Cassilis ChristieIrvington Tom TrotChestnut  
Irvington PeggyBrown  
King's Chocolate Fairy (CAN)
Cassilis King Swell (CAN)
Bay Stallion
King of Hearts (CAN)
Bay Stallion
King of The Plain (GB)Habrough Swell (GB)  
Axholme Lady Edith  
Dufferin Girl (CAN)Holland Magnate (CAN)  
Dufferin Flash (CAN)  
Alasa Jill
Bay Mare
Cassilis MagicSouthworth Swell (GB)  
Colne Marvel (GB)  
Hall Garth FredaBuckley Algy (H)(GB)  
Hall Garth Kitten (H)(GB)  
King's Mighty Swell (CAN)
King's Fashion (CAN)
King of The Plain (GB)Habrough Swell (GB)  
Axholme Lady Edith  
Stonehedge Bit O'FashionHabrough Swell (GB)  
Hamilton Lady Fashion  
Chocolate Fairy

Chocolate Soldier (GB)Torchfire (GB)  
Dinarth Fairy (GB)Dinarth What-Ho (GB)  
Eira Jones  
This pedigree is for informational purposes only. Verification of this pedigree against original ASR records has not been completed.
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Fairy's High Flyer (CAN) is the sire of the following horses:

-M2993-Flyer's Bay Laddie (CAN)StallionCoronation's Bay Chimes (CAN)
8786SFashionable High Flyer6/25/1978BayGeldingSupreme Lady
8790SThe King's Cardinal5/1/1979BayStallionTerry-Jean's Lady Ann
12472High Flyers Starbeam1/2/1980BayMarePatrol's Starbeam
12473High Flyer's Pride & Joy5/2/1980BayMarePride's Elegance
8886SHigh Flyer's Eldroado5/25/1980BayGeldingGreen Acres Diamond Lil
12738High Flyer's Star Lite4/30/1981BayMarePatrol's Starbeam
9134SHigh Flyer's Elegance5/5/1981BayGeldingPride's Elegance
9130SHigh Flyer's Bob-Cat5/7/1981BayGeldingRamble Ridge Hell-Cat*
9133SHigh Flyer Barbi Boy5/14/1981BayGeldingRamble Ridge's Barbie*
9399SFamous Amos14/20/1982BayGeldingRamble Ridge Hell-Cat*
9397SMajor Motion14/26/1982BayGeldingReedann's Little Flirt
13238Extravagant Gesture6/12/1982BayMareDay Dreaming
13295Miss Quick ChanceMarePatrol's Starbeam
13339Ultra Girl4/23/1983BayMareRamble Ridge Hell-Cat*
9895SDun-Haven Highlight6/11/1983BayGeldingNixon's Dawn*
13580Dun-Haven Splendor6/17/1983BayMareCadetson's Last Haven
13581Dun-Haven Enchanted Lady6/20/1983BayMareDun-Haven My Enchantment
13582Dun-Haven Wicked Ways7/20/1983BayMareFirethorn's Model Doll
9896SDun-Haven High Flyer7/25/1983BayGeldingRoyal Manor Lovely Lady
10164SFine Print7/27/1984BrownGeldingAbner's Adorability*
13766Dun-Haven Imagination8/1/1984BrownMarePony-Vista's Crystal Joyce*
10474SAir Jordan*4/9/1985Red BayStallionFoxey-Loxey
13962My Tina Marie5/9/1985BrownMareMiss Tina Marie
14085Tarina6/28/1985BayMareJulia's Crescent
14302High Flyer's Sophie Star4/25/1986BayMareStar's Sophie
10599SHigh Flyer's Lil Griff6/1/1986BayGeldingGreen Acres Diamond Lil
14423High Flyer's Dottie Trenty9/9/1986BayMareReedann's Sunshine
11160SD. D. Flying High7/24/1987BayStallionLedgeview's Mistress
11429SWonmore High Time Flyer5/11/1988BayGeldingDainty Marie
15484Wonmore Flyer's Love5/12/1989BayMareGentleman's Sharr
15983Wonmore's Flyer's Girl5/2/1990BayMareGentleman's Sharr
15767Wonmore Catch A Star5/4/1990Light BayMareDainty Marie
15984Look At Me Wonmore Time4/5/1991BayMareHigh & Mighty Star Bright
12279SWonmore's High Brag5/27/1991BayStallionMcKenzie's Bragabout Babe
12876SWonmore's Master Spy5/2/1993BayStallionRoseanne
12877SCH Free Willy 16/4/1993Red BayGeldingMcKenzie's Bragabout Babe
16499Diamond's Lorilee6/17/1993BayMareDiamond Lil
16666Wonmore's Strike My Fancy6/23/1993Light BayMareJust A Countess

Ownership History
Deane Lee GutmanMar 15th, 1987-
Darrel a/o Sandra Kolkman & Norman Robert a/o June MastersOct 15th, 1984Mar 15th, 1987
L. Lee Dunn & Norman Robert a/o June MastersJul 20th, 1982Oct 15th, 1984
Norman Robert a/o June MastersJul 17th, 1978Jul 20th, 1982
Frank a/o Lucille BoydMar 11th, 1977Jul 17th, 1978