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Royal Manor Apollo   [P]   (Registry Records)     6/23/1977  
Royal Manor Apollo
Bay Stallion
Dun-Haven Shamrock King
Bay Stallion
Dun-Haven Emperor
Paddock Lane Storm Master
Cassilis MasterpieceSouthworth Swell (GB)  
Colne Marvel (GB)  
Fleetwood StrifeFleetwood Storm (GB)  
Braishfield Minna (GB)  
Cedar Heights Juna
Stonehedge JupiterHabrough Swell (GB)  
Habrough Rainbow (GB)  
Evening ChimesSouthworth Quality (GB)  
Importation (GB)1Brown  
Tina Marie
Bay Mare
Cadet's Crystal King
Cadet CommanderKing of The HighlandsBay  
Penwortham Dream (GB)  
Cassilis CrystalSouthworth Swell (GB)  
Cassilis ChiarinaBrown  
Paddock Lane Rain Drop
Cassilis MasterpieceSouthworth Swell (GB)  
Colne Marvel (GB)  
Fleetwood StrifeFleetwood Storm (GB)  
Braishfield Minna (GB)  
Apollo's Appeal
Bay Mare
King's Apollo
Creation's King
King of The HighlandsKing of The Plain (GB)  
Axholme Venus  
Penwortham CreationSouthworth Swell (GB)  
Colne Clearaway (GB)Bay  
Mastercraft Blossom

Mastercraft SwellStonehedge FrederickBay  
Cassilis Iris  
Princess Of The PlainKing of The Plain (GB)  
Kiss In The Dark  
Lucifer's Charmaine
Bay Mare
Lavington Lucifer (GB)
Habrough Swell (GB)Successful (GB)  
Glenavon Ideal (GB)  
Lavington Fifinella (GB)Fusee (GB)  
Barlaston Lady (GB)  
Lady Venus

CoronationKing of The Plain (GB)  
Carnation (GB)1Bay  
Croftland VenusCroftland Gentleman  
Kentmere Venus  
This pedigree is for informational purposes only. Verification of this pedigree against original ASR records has not been completed.
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Royal Manor Apollo is the sire of the following horses:

12739So Marvelous5/19/1981Dark BayMareMerrywill's Marvelous Creation
12935MStarlight5/23/1981BayMareEaster Star
13068Classy Lady5/27/1982BayMareMerrywill's Marvelous Creation
13515Summer Rose4/19/1983BayMareReedann's Vivid
13360Apollo's Miss Personality4/28/1983BayMareHi-Fi's Minute Maid
13353Dressed In White5/1/1983BayMareDee Jay's Show Girl
9888SRoyal Manor Captivation5/20/1983BrownGeldingDun-Haven Countess
13370K & J's Easter Doll*5/25/1983BayMareEaster Star
13541Walnut Hall's Small Talk7/6/1983BayMareWalnut Hall Wind Capers
13675Oh Marvelous5/2/1984BlackMareMerrywill's Marvelous Creation
13809C. L. S. Apollo's Crystal5/5/1984Dark BayMareCrystal Dawn
10166SMagic Personality5/14/1984BayStallionKarla
13660So Delightful*5/25/1984MareLookie-Lookie
2824GEstatic Spirit6/7/1984BayGeldingDun-Haven Desdemona
10000SEcstatic Spirit6/7/1984BayGeldingDun-Haven Desdemona
13916Princess Di Di6/24/1984BayMareDun-Haven Tina Marie
10333SK & J's Red Baron4/16/1985BayStallionDun-Haven Spirit
10283SK & J's Happy Ovation5/10/1985BayStallionWait & See's Sonata
13951K & J's My My5/22/1985BayMareBe High's Elegance
10592SK & J's Top Gun4/6/1986BayGeldingFirethorn's Witchcraft
14290K & J's Miss Personality4/13/1986Brown/BlackMareJubilee's Miss Della
10763SK & J's Ledgend4/19/1986BayGeldingB. G. Fanfare
14500K & J's Bey-Star6/4/1986BayMareBe High Elegant
10867SApollo Skywalker4/13/1987Dark BayStallionRose Bud Acres Adorable
14920K & J's Colorado Rose3/26/1988BayMareElegant Aire
11184SK & J's Prime Time4/1/1988BayGeldingBe High's Elegance
15034K & J's Spring Song4/23/1988BayMareCrystal Gail*
11326SK & J's Cadet6/15/1988BayStallionBe High's Model
15223K & J's Autumn Rose3/24/1989BayMareElegant Aire
15224K & J's Elegant Lady4/8/1989BayMareBe High's Elegance
11496SK & J's Candy Man4/20/1989BayStallionK & J's Della's Charm
15505Apollo's Eleganza3/18/1990BayMareBe High's Elegance
11809SK & J's Deputy4/10/1990BayGeldingJubilette*
3359GDun-Haven Apollo's Heir5/27/1990BrownGeldingDun-Haven Wicked Ways
15788Dun-Haven Lolita5/30/1990BayMareSuits Us Lolita
15789Dun-Haven Pin Up Girl6/10/1990BayMareSouvenir's Pin Up Girl*
16106Dun-Haven Brittany6/10/1990BrownMareBil-Haven Autumn Gisele (CAN)*
15790Dun-Haven Expose'6/24/1990BayMareDun-Haven Expressive
12110SK & J's Apollo's King3/26/1991BayStallionJubilette*
15827K & J's Career Girl4/5/1991Black/BrownMareK & J's Della Princess
12091SProtege4/5/1991BayStallionMerrywill's Marvelous Creation
12111SK & J's Auctioneer4/12/1991BayGeldingCooper's Sunrise Surprize
15828K & J's Summer Rose6/1/1991BayMareElegant Aire
15915K & J's Sweet Success6/10/1991BayMareMay Day Madonna
12382SK & J's Moonlight Bay4/2/1992BayStallionDun-Haven Madonna
12371SK & J's American Dream4/5/1992BayGeldingK & J's Country Gal*
12383SK & J's Diamond Jim*4/6/1992BayStallionParader's Diamond Lil
12523SK & J's Corvette4/6/1992BayStallionJubilette*
12370SBopgun4/8/1992BayStallionMichigan's Dinner Plate
16097K & J's Victory's Song4/20/1992BayMareVictory Lane
12380SK & J's Encore4/22/1992BayStallionCommand Jubilee Temptation
12384SK & J's Mystery Man4/30/1992BayGeldingK & J's Mystery Gal
16148K & J's Touch Of Class6/26/1992BayMareMay Day Madonna
16390K & J's Dream Girl4/10/1993BayMareK & J's Country Gal*
12655SK & J's Mr. Moonlite4/14/1993BayStallionDun-Haven Madonna
12656SK & J's Show Case4/28/1993BayStallionMerrywill's Liberty Belle
12819SK & J's My Souvenir5/9/1993BayGeldingSouvenir's Pin Up Girl*
16417K & J's Miss Liz5/25/1993BayMareMerrywill's Miss Liz
13116SK & J's Toy Soldier6/11/1993BayStallionBe High's Elegant Aire
16808Legacy Go Figure5/16/1994BayMareRidgelieu's Ebony Figurine
13118SK & J's Show Boy5/28/1994BayGeldingMerrywill's Liberty Belle
17407K & J's Vivacious4/18/1996BayMareK & J's Jezebel
17408K & J's Daydream4/29/1996BayMareThe Last Hurrah
20541Indecision5/7/1996BayMareRidgelieu's Touch Of Fayme
20024K & J's Victorious4/8/1997BayMareK & J's Jezebel
20005K & J's Liberty Belle4/9/1997BayMareMerrywill's Liberty Belle
20028K & J's Dark Star4/24/1997BlackMareMerrywill's Crystal Moon
20025K & J's Lovely Lady4/26/1997BayMareRoyal Manor Lovely Lady
20214K & J's Peppermint5/9/1997BayMarePeppermint Patty
20038Charismatic5/14/1997BayStallionHeartland Sparkle
20004K & J's Billy The Kid5/16/1997BayStallionElegant Aire
20174Victorianna5/19/1997BayMareDun-Haven Vixen
20023K & J's Julie Ann5/23/1997BayMareSpindrift Juno
21037K & J's Danbury Mint*4/1/1998BayStallionKing Lear's Careless Love
20825K & J's Hell A Poppin4/6/1998BayGeldingK & J's Molly Poppin
22749K & J's Apollo's First Class4/21/1999BayStallionK & M's Command Performance

Ownership History
Kenneth R. or Jane H. PetermanAug 1st, 1992-
L. Lee a/o Beverly Dunn & Kenneth R. PetermanFeb 1st, 1989Aug 1st, 1992
Kenneth R. PetermanAug 22nd, 1984Feb 1st, 1989
Darrel a/o Sandra KolkmanJan 6th, 1980Aug 22nd, 1984
Darrel a/o Sandra Darrel Kolkman & Dorothy D / Vernon MadduxSep 1st, 1979Jan 6th, 1980
Dorothy D. a/o Vernon D. MadduxJun 23rd, 1977Sep 1st, 1979