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Cherry's Playboy   [P]   (Registry Records)   DECEASED     5/18/1978  
Cherry's Playboy *
Seal Brown Stallion
Carnation's King
Bay Stallion
Black Stallion
Master Supreme
King of Belgium *King's BannerBay  
Alice Quality  
Lucifer's ModernisticLavington Lucifer (GB)  
Modern History  

Glenavon EpochMilestone (GB)  
Dainty Doris (GB)Bay  
Fleetwood StrifeFleetwood Storm (GB)  
Braishfield Minna (GB)  
King's Carnation
Creation's King
King of The HighlandsKing of The Plain (GB)  
Axholme Venus  
Penwortham CreationSouthworth Swell (GB)  
Colne Clearaway (GB)Bay  
Glenholme Scarlet

Highland MagicKing of The Plain (GB)  
Skirbeck Cora (GB)  
Scarlet WonderHamilton Little Wonder  
Dinarth Fairy (GB)  
Sun Jewel
Sun Beau
Cupid's Beau
King's BannerKing of The Plain (GB)  
City Star  
Glenavon CupidSir AndraBrown  
Harviestoun Rubra (CAN)Bay  
Creation's Creola

Creation's KingKing of The HighlandsBay  
Penwortham Creation  
Lucifer's LucilleLavington Lucifer (GB)  
Miss Mitty  
Cedar Heights Julio

Stonehedge Jupiter
Habrough Swell (GB)Successful (GB)  
Glenavon Ideal (GB)  
Habrough Rainbow (GB)Creme-De-Menthe (GB)  
Parkside Olive  
Lochburn Sunbeam

CoronationKing of The Plain (GB)  
Carnation (GB)1Bay  
Little MaryQuo Vadis  
Falinge Mary (GB)  
This pedigree is for informational purposes only. Verification of this pedigree against original ASR records has not been completed.
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Cherry's Playboy is the sire of the following horses:

12992Enjoli*5/10/1981BayMareCherry's Diana
10251SCajun Magic5/17/1984BlackStallionCherry's Diana
13906Orphan Penny5/19/1984BayMareFran-R's Easter Penny
14031Playboy Bunny3/28/1985Seal BrownMareCherry's Fashion Girl*
14032Music Music Music4/1/1985Seal BrownMareDee Jay's Show Girl
14087Star Witness4/3/1985BlackMareJubilee's Laura Lee
14088Crossfire4/13/1985BlackMareFran-R's Jolly Molly
14089Southern Accent4/23/1985BayMareMerriewoods Miss Muffet
14090Penny Serenade4/30/1985BlackMareFran-R's Easter Penny
14036Pleshette5/10/1985BayMareHoliday's Suzanna
10415SSaturday Knight5/17/1985BayStallionSilver Creek Penny
14035Yours Truly De-Light5/27/1985Seal BrownMareMystique*
10695SCherry's Dreamtime5/1/1986BayGeldingMerriewoods Miss Muffet
14415Star Search5/13/1986BayMareJubilee's Laura Lee
14416CaressableFran-R's Dixie Dancer
14584WRG's Penny AnteMareSilver Creek Penny
11288SFran-R's Royal Street4/19/1988BayGeldingTroubador's Playmate*
11658SMy Party Manners15/3/1989BayGeldingReedann's Jasmine
15334Tia Maria5/9/1989BayMareCommander's Jamaica Rum
15641Cherry's Love PotionMareShow Girl's Memories
15295Reedann's Viola5/10/1989Dark BayMareDun-Haven's Rare Essence
11923SPlayboy's Sugar Time5/21/1990Dark BrownGeldingSilver Creek Sugar Candy
15944Wait & See's Stephanie4/4/1991BayMareRaindrops
12229SWait & See's What A Thrill*5/17/1991BayStallionNorthland's Sassy Sally
12228SWait & See's Cash Flow6/6/1991BayStallionOliver Twist
12485SWait & See's Rainy Day4/20/1992BayStallionWait & Sees Matchless Raindrop
12486SWait & See's Rainman*4/24/1992BayStallionRaindrops
12490SPlayboy's Creation*5/31/1992BayStallionMerrywill's May Delight*
12491SPlayboy's Magic6/24/1992Dark BayStallionMagic Miracle
12894SWait & See's Winter Hawk5/9/1993Dark BrownGeldingLate-Nite's Crimsonette*
16610Wait & See's Wild Iris*5/15/1993BayMareWait & See's Cupid's Pride
16609Wait & See's Ray Ann*5/27/1993Dark BrownMareWait & See's Attraction*
16608Wait & See's Jolinda*6/9/1993BayMareBrierley's Dancing Moon
16607Wait & See's Beloved*6/12/1993BayMareSeamair Alexis
12888SWait & See's Cost Benefit*6/14/1993Dark BrownStallionMerrywill's True Flight*
16912Playboy's Mirage4/9/1994BlackMareMagic Miracle
13200SPlayboy's Creation King4/12/1994BayStallionMerrywill's May Delight*
16913Wait & See's Espresso5/7/1994BayMareLate-Nite's Crimsonette*
16914Wait & See's Moon Goddess*5/20/1994Dark BayMareBrierley's Dancing Moon
13203SMankato15/30/1994Dark BayGeldingWait & See's Cupid's Pride
16915Wait & See's Forever*6/1/1994BayMareWait & See's Ever & Ever*
13526SWait & See's Winter Wind*1/10/1995BayStallionSeamair Alexis
17088Pumbaa5/9/1995BayMareCommander's Jamaica Rum
17302Wait & See's Vanity II*5/22/1995Dark BrownMareWait & See's Ever & Ever*
17226Playboy's Miss June6/21/1995BayMareMerrywill's May Delight*
17585Playboy's Silver Jewel4/20/1996BlackMareFinest Foxey Silver
17488Wait & See's Late Notice*6/21/1996BayMareHeartland Sweet Call
20349Wait & See's Molly Brown*4/15/1997Seal BrownMareTwin Willow Molly Malone*
20351Buckwheat15/18/1997Seal BrownGeldingSilver Jasmine
20455Playboy's Silver Beauty5/18/1997BayMareFinest Foxey Silver
20350First Avenue16/2/1997BlackMareWait & See's Cupid's Pride
20837Meet Joe Black15/14/1998BlackGeldingWait & See's Black Crystal
20839Wait & See's Catch My Act*5/17/1998BayStallionRushing Water
20835Wait & See's Guess What5/25/1998BayGeldingSweet Delight*
20836Wait & See's What N When*5/29/1998BlackStallionPony-Vista's Crystal Joyce*
20842Wait & See's Snow Dance*5/31/1998Seal BrownMareSeamair Alexis
20840Wait & See's Gypsy Love*6/3/1998Seal BrownMareImpression Gypsy Love
20843Denim And Diamonds*6/15/1998BayMareVindicator's Ringside Rumor
20844Candlelight Screen*7/3/1998BayMareThe Open Screen*
20838Wait & See's Snow Storm*7/14/1998BayStallionSilver Jasmine
20841Wait & See's Autumn Leaves*9/15/1998BlackMareWait & See's Forever Grateful
21439Wait & See's Dark Moon5/26/1999BlackGeldingWait & See's Black Crystal
21443Wait & See's Royal Dawn*5/28/1999BayMareCarnation's She Bop
21444Wait & See's Whiskey River6/7/1999Seal BrownStallionRushing Water
21437Wait & See's Crystal Rose*6/8/1999BlackMarePony-Vista's Crystal Joyce*
21740Wait & See's River Queen6/17/1999BayMareWait & See's Cupid's Pride
21800Wait & See's Jazzercise6/24/1999BayMareSilver Jasmine
21438Wait & See's Playful Lass*6/29/1999BayMareSassy Lassy
21441Wait & See's Gypsy Heir6/29/1999Seal BrownMareImpression Gypsy Love
23796WW Cricket7/31/1999Dark BayMareMagic Miracle
22031Wait & See's Calming Water9/4/2000BayMareRushing Water
22550Wait & See's Jonathan5/24/2001BayStallionWait & See's Cupid's Pride
24350Gleason Road6/10/2001Seal BrownGeldingBil-Haven Autumn Gisele (CAN)*

Ownership History
S. Edwards & R.L. Wells & Alan Raun, DVMFeb 19th, 1990-
Alan R. Raun, DVMDec 31st, 1987Feb 19th, 1990
Mr. & Mrs. R.J. ReinhardtMar 3rd, 1985Dec 31st, 1987
Eva CliftonNov 19th, 1981Mar 3rd, 1985
Oliver CherryNov 29th, 1978Nov 19th, 1981