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Poinsettia's Creation   [P]   (Registry Records)   DECEASED     9/19/1980  
Poinsettia's Creation *
Black Stallion
May Day Creation
Creation's King
King of The Highlands
Bay Stallion
King of The Plain (GB)Habrough Swell (GB)  
Axholme Lady Edith  
Axholme VenusSouthworth Swell (GB)  
Talke Princess (GB)Bay  
Penwortham Creation

Southworth Swell (GB)Pinderfields Horace (GB)  
Tilston Maid (GB)Bay  
Colne Clearaway (GB)Berkeley Claudius (GB)  
Berkeley Creation (GB)  
Fieldstone Fashion

King of The Plain (GB)
Habrough Swell (GB)Successful (GB)  
Glenavon Ideal (GB)  
Axholme Lady EdithSouthworth Swell (GB)  
Tissington Hoiden (GB)  

Bunn's DelightVictor Nipper  
Delchester FusetteFusee (GB)  
Tissington Annette (GB)  
Mr. Yank's Poinsetta

Meri-Del's Mr. Yank
Yankee Doodle
Brown Stallion
QuestionnaireKing of The Plain (GB)  
Harviestoun Elva (GB)Black  
Dicksfield StarletStonehedge Ovation  
La La Success  
Cadet CommanderKing of The HighlandsBay  
Penwortham Dream (GB)  
TresorBraishfield History (GB)  
Tissington Bauble (GB)  
Dictation's Laurine

King's Dictation

Creation's KingKing of The HighlandsBay  
Penwortham Creation  
Dictating LadyCassilis Dictator  
Tipsy Cake (GB)  
Lucifer's Laurine

Lavington Lucifer (GB)Habrough Swell (GB)  
Lavington Fifinella (GB)  
MelitaChocolate Soldier (GB)  
Nelson Primrose (GB)  
This pedigree is for informational purposes only. Verification of this pedigree against original ASR records has not been completed.
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Poinsettia's Creation is the sire of the following horses:

13471Poinsettia's Peggy8/6/1983BrownMareNaughty Laudy
3113GNashville North7/24/1986Seal BrownGeldingApollo's Moonblossom
14428Alton Belle1*8/17/1986BlackMareMay Day Elise
11743SLegal Tender3/1/1989BayGeldingApollo's Fashionette
11689SWhat A Creation!13/24/1989BlackGeldingApollo's Moonblossom
15423Irish Lass5/3/1989BayMarePoppin's Fiesta
15422Mexicana5/18/1989Seal BrownMareRowdy Coed
11692SCreation's Legacy7/21/1989BlackStallionFiesta's Lady Moon
11915SStarshot3/14/1990BayStallionPride's Pandora
11918SRoyal Creation14/19/1990Seal BrownGeldingMay Day Elise
11919SCreation's Impressive4/20/1990BlackGeldingPoppin's Fiesta
12043SSignificant Gesture4/29/1990Seal BrownStallionFran-R's Royal Street
11917SRowdy Yank5/5/1990Seal BrownGeldingRowdy Coed
15609Poinsettia's Centerpiece5/14/1990Red BayMareLakeshore Drive
12044SStrictly Taboo5/18/1990BayGeldingCommand's Little Princess
11921SSpecial Creation6/28/1990BlackStallionFiesta's Lady Moon
12310SPandora's Michael4/2/1991BlackStallionPride's Pandora
12291SCasey's Rowdy Creation4/20/1991Dark BayStallionRowdy Coed
17403Allie Skatt3/26/1993BayMareHoliday's Cathy*
13715GCrystal Creation3/1/1994Dark BayGeldingBrierley's Crystal
17004Holiday Poinsettia4/11/1994Dark BayMareHoliday's Cathy*
16765Magical Creation 5/29/1994BrownMareLady's Magic Touch
16766S.S. Starfire 6/23/1994BayMareS.S. Precious
13658SSpecialist1/24/1995BayStallionPleasant Dreams
13661SCherry's Jubilee1/24/1995BlackGeldingSummer Dream
13681SMicah K.S.C.2/4/1995BayStallionHavana
13592SCross Bow2/8/1995BlackGeldingEvening Shadow
13660SSugar Daddy3/3/1995BlackGeldingMirage
13627STalk of the Town C.C.3/10/1995Seal BrownGeldingLittle Sister
17404Poinsettia's Kathy3/18/1995Light BayMareHoliday's Cathy*
21363Ferocia3/24/1995BlackGeldingSpirit's Lucky Luci
13659SThe Wiz3/29/1995BlackGeldingIce Capade*
17370Amore4/20/1995BlackMareAutumn Glitter
12095SD. J. Full Moon4/19/1996Dark BayGeldingDuke's Starlet
20597Dixie5/5/1996BayMareSeamair New Year
13737SPoinsettia's Dream LF5/5/1996BayGeldingPleasant Dreams
20483In Your Dreams5/15/1996BlackGeldingSummer Dream
14427Poinsettia's StarPride's Melody
13862SPoinsettia's Mirage LF6/8/1996BayGeldingMirage
20576Gia3/19/1997ChestnutMareCalendar Girl
20549Kendall Jackson3/28/1997Dark BayGeldingFitz's Jasmine
20115On My Own4/12/1997BayMareReedann's Tess
20111Cupid's Windancer4/14/1997Dark BayMareCanterbury Cupid
21265Canterbury's Windprancer4/6/1999BayStallionCanterbury Cupid
23454Vertigo5/1/1999Dark BayGeldingMy Daydream
25884Poinsettia's Scat Dragon4/1/2000BayGeldingPuff's Magic Dragon FVF
23311Shirley A Shedevil6/15/2002BayMareShirley Parkinson
23326Poinsettia's Apparition6/28/2002BayStallionBrierley's Crystal

Ownership History
Lewis P. EckardMar 30th, 1991-
Eugene a/o Alice KennedyJun 10th, 1989Mar 30th, 1991
Larry C. BurfordDec 30th, 1982Jun 10th, 1989
Eugene KennedySep 4th, 1981Dec 30th, 1982