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Carnation's Creme   [P]   (Registry Records)   DECEASED     5/1/1982  
Carnation's Creme *
Dark Brown Stallion
Carnation's King
Bay Stallion
Black Stallion
Master Supreme
King of Belgium *King's BannerBay  
Alice Quality  
Lucifer's ModernisticLavington Lucifer (GB)  
Modern History  

Glenavon EpochMilestone (GB)  
Dainty Doris (GB)Bay  
Fleetwood StrifeFleetwood Storm (GB)  
Braishfield Minna (GB)  
King's Carnation
Creation's King
King of The HighlandsKing of The Plain (GB)  
Axholme Venus  
Penwortham CreationSouthworth Swell (GB)  
Colne Clearaway (GB)Bay  
Glenholme Scarlet

Highland MagicKing of The Plain (GB)  
Skirbeck Cora (GB)  
Scarlet WonderHamilton Little Wonder  
Dinarth Fairy (GB)  
Creme De La Creme *
Bay Mare
Equality (Mr. Sandman)
Stonehedge Lil' Abner
Brown Stallion
Stonehedge Little SwellHabrough Swell (GB)  
Holland Lorna  
Alasa CoquetteCassilis Magic  
Wensleydale Flirt (GB)  
Dark Brown Mare
RepetitionManor Smile  
Southworth Sunbeam (CAN)  
Betty BantamDaviburn Bantam (CAN)  
Coronation's Miss  
Everybody's Gal

Yankee Doodle
Brown Stallion
QuestionnaireKing of The Plain (GB)  
Harviestoun Elva (GB)Black  
Dicksfield StarletStonehedge Ovation  
La La Success  
Brown Bess

CoronationKing of The Plain (GB)  
Carnation (GB)1Bay  
Morning ChimesQuo Vadis  
Importation (GB)1Brown  
This pedigree is for informational purposes only. Verification of this pedigree against original ASR records has not been completed.
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Carnation's Creme is the sire of the following horses:

15774Tiger's Eye4/18/1988BayMareReedann's Heaven Sent
15059Knight's Alustra4/28/1988BlackMareBig Time's First Lady
11354SKnight's Lance5/13/1988Seal BrownGeldingPony-Vista's Nautigal
15061Knight's Carnation5/20/1988Dark BayMareHoliday's Pretty Baby
15331Circle C's Miss AnnieMareHigh & Mighty Miss Beau Swell
15376Knight's Black Angel5/18/1989BlackMareSpanish Lace
15378Knight's Miss Della6/25/1989BrownMareWorld Of Love
16249Carnation's Inspiration5/31/1992BayMareDun-Haven Flirtation
16523Hoochy Coochy6/15/1993BayMareCarnation's Empress
17174Cocoa Creme4/19/1995BrownMareRave Revue
17192Knight's Front Page4/26/1995Bay RoanMareWhitehall's Miss Priss
13530SSingle G's Royal Carnation5/4/1995BrownStallionTender Moments
13475SUHH Juvenile Delinquent5/9/1995BrownStallionStar Struck
17126Carnation's Jet Set5/14/1995Seal BrownMareAnn Margo
13476SSprinkle A Little Magic5/18/1995BayStallionSparkle Plenty
13676SC.H. Exquisite5/29/1995Seal BrownStallionBramble Maid
17193Knight's Leading Lady8/23/1995ChestnutMareSalado's Leading Lady
17595Perfect Date5/11/1996BayMareAnn Margo
13948SC. H. Impressive5/17/1996Seal BrownStallionBramble Maid
20192Coachlight's Joker4/4/1997BayMareNut N Honey
20637-05Not registered 20637-05Fitz's Erin
20191Coachlight's A Step Ahead10/6/1997BlackStallionDun-Haven's Vibrance
20750Coachlight's General4/20/1998BayStallionUltra Style
21414Coachlight's Galaxy5/27/1999BlackStallionSalado's Paulette
21938Coachlight's Express3/26/2000BayMareUltra Style
22048Sail Away's Carnation4/2/2000Dark ChestnutMareSail Away
22261Coachlight's Radiance4/12/2001Dark BayMareSalado's Paulette
22885The Pretender4/18/2002BayGeldingD. J.'s Main Attraction
23443Lucy Lite7/4/2002BayMareFor Heaven's Sake
23442Little Sallie7/11/2002BayMareRoyal Reveille
17412-03Not registered 17412-031/1/2003D.J.'s Chiquita's Margarita
23606D. J.'s Admiration5/26/2003BayStallionAdmiration's Last Love
24346Dun-Haven Center Stage6/2/2003BayStallionD. J.'s Peach's Delight
24547Carnation's Creme Puff3/10/2005BayMareD. J.'s Main Attraction
24358Ribbons And Pearls*4/3/2005Dark BrownMareUnique's American Beauty
24357Agent Cody Banks5/3/2005Dark BrownGeldingHeartland Diane
24359Armed And Fabulous5/17/2005Dark BrownMareSeamair King's Juliet*
24879Big And Rich4/26/2006BayStallionFitz's Erin
25894Mac The Knight4/28/2006BayStallionSpittin Fire
25342Creme's Apollo5/4/2006BayStallionFitz's Priceless Spirit
25341Hunters Moon5/7/2006BayMareHeartland Diane
24880She's Got The Looks5/23/2006Dark BayMareC. L. S. Victoria*
25965Creme's Black Label5/19/2007BrownStallionFitz's Erin

Ownership History
Karen WoodOct 15th, 2003-
E. Lawrence CarssMay 15th, 2001Oct 15th, 2003
Richard L. or Renee A. BornemeierJan 1st, 1996May 15th, 2001
James O. GreenwoodNov 17th, 1993Jan 1st, 1996
S. Lacefield a/o D.W. BrittonMay 14th, 1990Nov 17th, 1993
Jim KnightMar 7th, 1987May 14th, 1990
Lee KendallMay 1st, 1982Mar 7th, 1987