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Radiant Affair   [P]   (Registry Records)     5/5/1984  
Radiant Affair
Seal Brown Stallion
Clover Leaf's Radiance
Black Stallion
Carnation's King
Bay Stallion
Black Stallion
Master SupremeKing of Belgium *Bay  
Lucifer's Modernistic  
InquisitiveGlenavon Epoch  
Fleetwood Strife  
King's Carnation
Creation's KingKing of The HighlandsBay  
Penwortham Creation  
Glenholme ScarletHighland Magic  
Scarlet Wonder  
Merriewood's Dancing Matilda
Stellar King
Bay Stallion
King's MajestyCreation's King  
Cassilis Mystery  
Shellbark StellaCassilis Mighty FineBay  
Cassilis Holiday  
Mastercraft Victory

King of The Plain (GB)Habrough Swell (GB)  
Axholme Lady Edith  
Kiss In The DarkBunn's Delight  
Delchester Fusette  
High & Mighty Fanfare
Reedann's Gambler
Brown Stallion
Meri-Del's Double King
CoronationKing of The Plain (GB)  
Carnation (GB)1Bay  
Dicksfield VivaciousKing of The Plain (GB)  
Kentmere Venus  
Poplar's Little Brenda
Dufferin Jollity (CAN)Dufferin Sensation (CAN)  
Dufferin Smile (CAN)  
Alasa Judy (CAN)King's Marvel  
Alasa JillBay  
Cardiff Fannie

Cardiff Lad

Paddock Lane PilotCassilis Masterpiece  
Dainty Doris (GB)Bay  
Cassilis FuchsiaCassilis Mighty Swell  
Glen Alice  
King's Favorita

Creation's KingKing of The HighlandsBay  
Penwortham Creation  
Dinarth CorinneDinarth Authority  
Penwortham Norena  
This pedigree is for informational purposes only. Verification of this pedigree against original ASR records has not been completed.
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Radiant Affair is the sire of the following horses:

15018Radiant Love Affair8/25/1988Seal BrownMareHoliday's Supreme Lady
12040SRhythm Affair4/8/1990BayStallionSweet Rhythm
12039SFashionable Affair4/17/1990Seal Brn/BlkStallionHoliday's Supreme Lady
12124SRadiant Image4/1/1991Seal BrownGeldingBlack Diamond
12125SRadiant Rambler4/24/1991BayStallionLendolure's Miss Bubble
15852Radiant Decision5/1/1991Seal BrownMareStarched Linen
15853Radiant Minuet6/30/1991BayMareApril's Minuet
16140Radiant Rose 3/5/1992BayMareApril's Image
12425SRadiant Knight4/5/1992BayGeldingLate-Nite's Design
12426SRadiant Holiday4/21/1992BayStallionStarched Linen
16141Radiant Choice 5/18/1992BlackMareLendolure's Miss Bubble
12427SRadiant Czar5/24/1992BayGeldingApril's Dainty Maid
16142Radiant Option 7/8/1992BayMareApril's Minuet
12711SRadiant Hallucination2/4/1993Seal BrownStallionApril's Image
16444Radiant Perfection4/8/1993BayMareStarched Linen
12712SRadiant Thunder5/9/1993BayGeldingLendolure's Miss Bubble
12710SRadiant Express5/17/1993BayStallionPaper Doll
16443Radiant Surprise7/14/1993BayMareApril's Minuet
13065SRadiant Crown4/6/1994BayStallionApril's Dainty Maid
13066SRadiant Reflection5/13/1994BayStallionLate-Nite's Design
13067SRadiant Yankee5/30/1994BayStallionApril's Image
16779Radiant Sapphire6/9/1994BlackMareStarched Linen
16781Radiant Caprice8/1/1994BlackMareApril's Minuet
16780Radiant Diamond8/14/1994BlackMareLendolure's Miss Bubble
17134Radiant Eyre6/17/1995Seal BrownMareApril's Dainty Maid
17133Radiant Dream8/11/1995BayMareApril's Minuet
13746SRadiant Cover4/17/1996BayStallionApril's Image
13745SMajestic Radiance5/14/1996BayGeldingPaper Doll
17443Radiant Melody6/24/1996BayMareLendolure's Miss Bubble
20294H.T.F.'s Razzberry Tango6/18/1997BlackMareW.W. Barbie Doll
20704Miss Radiance3/12/1998BayMareApril's Image
20703Radiant Roulette4/28/1998BayStallionPaper Doll
20702Radiant Impression6/1/1998BlackGeldingStarched Linen
21278Radiant Miss4/25/1999BayMareMaking Time
23702Radiant's Black Knight6/13/2001BlackGeldingThyen's Attraction
22773Radiant Serenity7/1/2001BayMareDun-Haven Sweet Serenity
23762Radiant's Attraction5/20/2002BayMareThyen's Attraction
23773Radiant's Spitfire5/26/2002BayGeldingBig City Girl
23701Foxy's Affair7/1/2002BayMareFox's Shadow Chaser
23705Radiant's Triumph4/21/2003BlackGeldingDun-Haven Sweet Serenity
23710Radiant's Little Miss4/26/2003BayMareThyen's Attraction
23771Radiant's Elegant Affair5/7/2003BayMareBig City Girl
24762Radiant's Sweet Catamine4/9/2005BayMareBig City Girl
24760Radiant's Be Bop4/23/2005BayGeldingHeiress' Triumph
24761Radiant's Sport Coup5/4/2005BayGeldingDawn's Express
25048Radiant's Be Bopping Baby4/4/2006BayMareHeiress' Triumph
25732Radiant's Wild Affair1/16/2007BlackGeldingGrassmere's Bit 'O' Honey
25731Radiant's Roaring Red4/1/2007BayStallionBig City Girl
25730Radiant's Last Dawn4/10/2007BayMareDawn's Express

Ownership History
Dan Boles or Lib McClellanOct 30th, 2000-
A. Renfrow Hauser, DVMDec 15th, 1989Oct 30th, 2000
Debbie MulcunryMay 4th, 1984Dec 15th, 1989