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Dun-Haven King Lear   [P]   (Registry Records)     8/10/1985  
Dun-Haven King Lear
Bay Stallion
Dun-Haven Bandolier
Bay Stallion
Dun-Haven Crescendo (CAN)
Seal Brown Stallion
Command Decision
Bay Stallion
Mahrapo's King MarkKing's BannerBay  
Mahrapo High Fling  
Cedar Height's FascinationSun Beau  
Cedar Heights Julia  
Dun-Haven Crystal *
Black Mare
Fashion King (CAN)King of King's  
Golden LadyChestnut  
Cedar Heights JunaStonehedge Jupiter  
Evening Chimes  
Dun-Haven Desdemona
Bay Mare
Mr. Chips *
Bay Stallion
Equality (Mr. Sandman)Stonehedge Lil' AbnerBrown  
OriginalityDark Brown  
September SongStonehedge Lil' AbnerBrown  
Lucifer's Angel  
Dun-Haven Sweet Rhythm
Seal Brown Mare
Command DecisionMahrapo's King Mark  
Cedar Height's FascinationBrown  
Dun-Haven Sweet SuccessMastercraft Magic PrinceBrown  
Dutch White's Sapphire  
Nixon's Dawn *
Light Bay Mare
Daviburn Bantam Of Dawn Acres
Daviburn Bantam (CAN)
Strutting Bantam (CAN)Whitegate Smile (CAN)  
Starlights (CAN)Royal Review (CAN)  
Nett (CAN)  
Midnight Star
Black Mare
Lavington Lucifer (GB)Habrough Swell (GB)  
Lavington Fifinella (GB)  
Dinarth DelightfulDinarth Authority  
Braishfield PennyBay  
Bay Mare
Glenavon Top Hat (GB)
Bay Stallion
Irvington Autocrat (GB)Dilham Prime Minister (GB)  
Maid Of Irvington  
Harviestoun Attie (GB)Sir AndraBrown  
Affectionate I
Bay Mare
CoronationKing of The Plain (GB)  
Carnation (GB)1Bay  
AffectionSouthworth Quality (GB)  
Importation (GB)1Brown  
This pedigree is for informational purposes only. Verification of this pedigree against original ASR records has not been completed.
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Dun-Haven King Lear is the sire of the following horses:

15720West Wind's Hot Date6/14/1990BayMareDun-Haven Imagination
12122SFashion Color C.C.3/18/1991SorrelStallionNews Break
15848Extravagant Miss C.C.3/23/1991BayMareHigh Flyer's Pride & Joy
12123SKing Lear's Fable C.C.4/10/1991BrownGeldingDesiree
15849King Lear's Show Me C.C.4/29/1991BayMareKnight's Little Margie
15850King Lear's Finesse C.C.5/4/1991BayMareAbove The Crowd
15851King Lear's Sugar Candy C.C.5/12/1991BayMareSilver Creek Sugar Candy
16136King Lear's Careless Love3/2/1992Brown/BlackMareShow Girl's Memories
12419SOnly Magnificent C.C.3/18/1992SorrellStallionKnight's Little Margie
12420SKing Lear's Lucifer C.C.3/25/1992Brown/BlackStallionNews Break
12421SKing Lear's High Flyer C.C.4/3/1992BayStallionHigh Flyer's Pride & Joy
16137That Special Look C.C.5/10/1992BayMareSilver Creek Sugar Candy
16469Slightly Scarlet C.C.3/8/1993Red BayMareChristine Marie
12798SGrassmere's Mr. Wonderful3/30/1993BayGeldingKnight's Little Margie
12731SKing Lear's Pride C.C.4/4/1993BayStallionHigh Flyer's Pride & Joy
12732STwice A King C.C.4/29/1993BayStallionSilver Creek Sugar Candy
16538Sweet Talk5/8/1993BayMareAbove The Crowd
12801SReckless Crusader7/14/1993BayStallionNews Break
13072SKing Lear's Madera C.C.3/19/1994BayGeldingThe Understudy
13076SKing Lear's Bold Ego C.C.3/26/1994BayStallionChristine Marie
13073SKing Lear's Intrepid C.C.4/9/1994BayStallionHigh Flyer's Pride & Joy
13074SKing Lear's Mr. Spats C.C.4/12/1994Seal BrownStallionSilver Creek Sugar Candy
13075SKing Lear's Legacy C.C.6/16/1994BayStallionSugarbaker
17323King Lear's Torch Song C.C.4/22/1995BayMareHigh Flyer's Pride & Joy
13626SKing Lear's Pal Joey C.C.4/22/1995BrownStallionMusic Music Music
17464King Lears Streetwise CC3/20/1996BayMareLittle Sister
13772SKing Lears Commander CC3/23/1996Black/BrownStallionChristine Marie
14085-99Not Registered 14085-99Tarina
17463King Lears Vanity CC4/15/1996BayMareHigh Flyer's Pride & Joy
13771SKing Lears Ciation CC4/30/1996BayStallionMusic Music Music
20121King Lear's Triple Play C.C.3/15/1997Light BayMareLittle Sister
20119King Lear's Lovely Lady C.C.3/16/1997BayMareHeartland Lovely Lady
20120King Lear's Knight C.C.3/27/1997Light BayGeldingChristine Marie
20490Stroke Of Luck5/6/1997BayGeldingHigh Horizon Pamerit
20512Ali Katten6/10/1997BayMareK & J's My My
20493With Flying Colors6/24/1997BayStallionK & J's Royal Colors
20622King Lear's Scruples C. C.2/9/1998BayStallionHigh Flyer's Pride & Joy
20626King Lear's True Grit C.C.3/1/1998BayStallionHeartland Lovely Lady
20627King Lear's Hopscotch C.C.3/8/1998BayStallionLittle Sister
20629King Lear's Autumn Colors6/10/1998ChestnutStallionMr. Yank's Beautiful Doll
21509King Lears Sweet Revenge2/24/1999BayMareHigh Flyer's Pride & Joy
21508King Lears Regal Class C.C.5/27/1999BrownMareHeartland Lovely Lady
21507King Lears Autumn Miss C.C.7/4/1999ChestnutMareMr. Yank's Beautiful Doll
21795King Lears Maximus C.C.2/14/2000BayStallionHigh Flyer's Pride & Joy
22149King Lear's Lady Love CC4/10/2000BayMareHeartland Lovely Lady
21796King Lear's Last Understudy4/25/2000BayMareThe Understudy
22150King Lear's Twice A Star CC5/8/2000BayStallionJubilee's Petite Star

Ownership History
B. J. CarpenterDec 19th, 1989-
Lorye Shea WellsOct 14th, 1989Dec 19th, 1989
Richard a/o Mary KingAug 10th, 1985Oct 14th, 1989