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Heartland Victory   [P]   (Registry Records)     4/25/1996  
Heartland Victory
Black Stallion
High Power
Black Stallion
Wheatland's Humdinger (CAN)
5C's Top Hat
Glenavon Top Hat (GB)Irvington Autocrat (GB)  
Harviestoun Attie (GB)  
So-Hi5 C's King's Delight (CAN)Bay  
Dainty Maiden (CAN)  
5C's Humdinger
Mars Dawn  
King's MollCadet Commander  
Queen of the PlainsBlack  
Northland's Rhythm Gal
Brown Mare
Jubilee's Ebony

JubileeMaster Supreme  
Miss Twenty-OneMahrapo Mighty Reveler  
Queen of Hearts  
Trillo's Fighting Lady

Lochburn AuthorityDinarth Authority  
Trillo Fashion  
Joanna TrilloDinarth Authority  
Trillo's Carol  
Heartland Cameo
Seal Brown Mare
Sky King
Bay Stallion
Dun-Haven Shamrock King
Bay Stallion
Dun-Haven EmperorPaddock Lane Storm Master  
Cedar Heights Juna  
Tina MarieCadet's Crystal King  
Paddock Lane Rain Drop  
Dun-Haven Valerie *
Bay Mare
Mastercraft Magic PrinceMagic King  
Princess Of The Plain  
Cassilis ValerieCassilis Masterpiece  
Cassilis Vera  
Emotion (CAN)
Brown Mare
Wheatland's Humdinger (CAN)
5C's Top HatGlenavon Top Hat (GB)Bay  
5C's HumdingerHumdinger  
King's Moll  
5C's Humdinger
Mars Dawn  
King's MollCadet Commander  
Queen of the PlainsBlack  
This pedigree is for informational purposes only. Verification of this pedigree against original ASR records has not been completed.
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Heartland Victory is the sire of the following horses:

23174Heartland Powerstroke4/17/2002Dark BayGeldingHeartland Hope
23175Heartland Handsome Heir4/25/2002BlackGeldingHeartland Awesome Heir
23197Heartland Impressive Victory4/30/2002BlackGeldingHeartland Impressive
23191Heartland Just A Star5/1/2002Seal BrownMareHeartland Morning Star
23196Heartland Sasha5/15/2002BayMareHeartland Hi Hope
23193Heartland Midnight Man5/16/2002BlackStallionHeartland Elegant Lady
23195Heartland Beautiful Dreamer5/30/2002BrownMareHeartland Beauty
23192Heartland Cat's Meow6/15/2002BlackStallionDun-Haven Vivacious
23194Heartland Victory Belle8/7/2002BrownMareHeartland Belle
23541Heartland Whatsername3/18/2003BlackMareNew Song
23619Heartland Edee4/15/2003BlackMareMiss Mariah
23540Heartland Chatter Box4/25/2003BlackMareHeartland Valerie
23518Heartland Music Music Music4/27/2003BayStallionHeartland Country Music
23570Heartland Evening Romance5/10/2003BayMareHeartland Evening Glitter
23595Heartland On Fire5/11/2003Dark BayStallionHeartland Stardust
23538Heartland Gypsy Queen5/12/2003Seal BrownMareHeartland Princess
23519Heartland Black Tie Affair5/28/2003BlackStallionHeartland Memory Lane
23571Heartland Curtain Up5/30/2003Dark BayMareHeartland Lace
23766Flower Power6/3/2003BayMareHeartland Awesome Blossom
23620Heartland LuAnn7/9/2003BayMareHeartland Memory Maker
24250Heartland Notorious3/4/2004Seal BrownGeldingHeartland Glitter
24311Palisades Hot Flash3/24/2004Seal BrownMareWhat Luck
24202Heartland Benefactor3/29/2004BlackStallionMiss Mariah
24178Heartland Valedictorian4/1/2004BlackMareHeartland Delightful
24245Heartland Wild Reflection4/9/2004Seal BrownGeldingHeartland Impressive Model
24180Heartland Hope Upon Hope4/13/2004BayMareHeartland Hope
24187Heartland Night Prowler4/25/2004Seal BrownGeldingHeartland Foxey Lady
24183Heartland Morning Glory4/30/2004BrownMareHeartland Jubilation
24228Heartland Bust Your Button5/16/2004BlackMareHeartland Button and Bows
24244Heartland Major5/19/2004Seal BrownStallionHeartland Forever Yours
24208Heartland Passionate5/21/2004BlackMarePleasant View Lady Blair
24093Coachlight's Black Diamond6/27/2004BlackGeldingHeartland Sparkle
24238Heartland Victory Lady6/27/2004BlackMareImpassioned
24660Heartland Liftoff4/11/2005BlackGeldingHeartland Jubilation
24690Heartland Forever Mine4/20/2005BlackMareHeartland Forever Yours
24725Heartland Slick Chick5/9/2005BrownMareHeartland Beauty
25274Silver Oaks Gottcha5/23/2005BrownMareImpassioned
25997Silver Oaks Victory7/8/2005BayStallionHeartland Star Scene
24710Heartland Rough And Ready8/17/2005Seal BrownGeldingHeartland Ruby Red
25201Heartland Marching Orders5/13/2006BlackGeldingHeartland Marcy
25814LB's Little Victory8/2/2006BlackStallionHeartland Charming Lady
25551Heartland He's The Victory4/20/2007Dark BayStallionHeartland Marcy
25787Heartland Victory Dance4/25/2007BlackMareHeartland Dance
26246Victory Dancer LF6/12/2007Seal BrownStallionLucky Lady LF
26311Heartland Shut Up And Dance4/17/2008BlackStallionHeartland Dance
26312Heartland Black Cookie5/7/2008BlackMareHeartland Kelsey
26313Heartland Leslie5/23/2008BlackMareHeartland Impressive Lady
26342Heartland Shadowfox6/20/2008BrownMareHeartland Ruby Red
26661Heartland Night Sight4/5/2009BlackStallionHeartland Kelsey
26786Heartland Mocolotion4/13/2009BlackStallionHeartland Valerie
26662Heartland Dixie Girl4/23/2009Seal BrownMareHeartland Lace And Leather
26789Heartland Allie4/24/2009BrownMareHeartland Amy
26669Heartland Heartbreaker4/26/2009BrownStallionHeartland Yes Dear
26891Heartland Peacemaker7/18/2010BrownStallionHeartland Foxey Girl
27850Heartland Queen Bee5/25/2012Seal BrownMareHeartland Just A Princess
28188Heartland Night Strike5/22/2013BlackStallionHeartland Salt And Pepper

Ownership History
Mr. & Mrs. Darrel KolkmanApr 25th, 1996-